Gelicious UV Gel Nails Review

Gel nail polish is an amazing thing and it’s really popular these days for a lot of great reasons. Gel nail polish will last a lot longer than a regular manicure. It’s also a lot less damaging to do this sort of manicure than to do any sort of acrylic manicure.

If you ever had a gel manicure done at a salon then you probably fell in love with it for all of these reasons. However one thing to not be in love with is the cost of a gel manicure. The average cost of a gel manicure is £40 and it can be even more expensive if you live in a big smoke. For a one time investment in a UV nail lamp and the occasional cost of the gel polish you can do your very own gel manicures at home.

Gelicious UV gel nails review | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’ve been using Gelicious Hybrid Gel Nail Colour ,its similar to a nail lacquer but it lasts longer. Gelicious is cured on with an LED lamp and soaked off with Acetone. It comes in a black bottle, which protects it from the light. It has a thinner look than gel nails and paints on more like nail polish, but it has the high shine of a gel. Additionally, it’s soaked off with acetone based remover and does not require bonding, sculpting, infilling or filing to remove.

Gelicious UV gel nails review | UK Lifestyle Blog

Results vary from person to person, how closely they follow the instructions and the condition of their nails. When applied properly we certainly have reports of gelicious lasting two weeks (and longer in some cases) with a week and a half being the average time. The result is certainly longer lasting than nail polish, dries instantly and a finish that has the shine and finish of a gel, without the thickness.

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Gelicious UV gel nails review | UK Lifestyle Blog

Best of all, Gelicious is soaked off with acetone based remover in 10 minutes and does not damage the nail. So, what are you waiting for? Summer is looming, what better excuse to have gorgeous nails?

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