Getting Ready For Summer – Socially Distanced Or Otherwise

In the UK, social distancing is slated to become a thing of the past on 21 June, and life as we knew it can resume. That is the hope and, according to those that matter, we remain on course for restrictions to end and normalcy, or at least as close to it as is possible in the middle of a global pandemic.

That means that a relatively normal summer is on the cards and we can welcome friends and family around us we could do in years gone by. BBQs and garden parties are on the agenda, so that means getting the home ready for summer 2021…because international travel may not yet be completely on the menu.

Getting Ready for Summer – Socially Distanced or Otherwise | UK Lifestyle Blog

Create ‘spaces’ in your garden

We will start with a feature that will speak out to families, which is a children’s play area. If you are inviting family round for a BBQ, or just a general social gathering, the chances are high that little ones will be present. Without something to keep them occupied, children soon become bored and, let’s face it, a little aggravating. 

With somewhere for the children to play safely, that allows the adults to sit and relax over a drink or two, catching up with one another after the year we have had. If your garden doesn’t have much space or is something of a concrete jungle, consider some of these ideas with artificial grass for your home’s outdoor area.

Getting Ready for Summer – Socially Distanced or Otherwise | UK Lifestyle Blog

Book a beach holiday

As mentioned already, international travel still appears to be something of a sticking point. No one really knows where we will be able to travel freely without fear of getting caught up in a bit of a pickle, which is why staycations look set to have a bumper year. If you are one of the many who are fortunate to have a second home in one of the country’s beautiful coastal towns, then you are in luck.

Having a second home, such as a caravan, means that you can avoid the battle to book when so many others will be fighting for vacancies. Your own home means that you can travel to your holiday home safe in the knowledge that you have a property ready and waiting for you. Why not take the opportunity to invite your nearest and dearest along with you? Even if social distancing measures remain, or you plan on traveling before 21 June, you can still adhere to the rule of six and enjoy a fun break away.

Getting Ready for Summer – Socially Distanced or Otherwise | UK Lifestyle Blog

Get your wardrobe ready

Before you do anything else for summer, you need to kit your wardrobe out ready for the summer. You don’t want to be stuck wearing the same jeans and hoodie combo you were rocking at the beginning of spring – it’s not going to be the most comfortable combination when you are out in the sun…especially if we experience the same highs as we have done in recent years.

Comfortable, yet stylish, shirts and shorts are the order of the day (or season). Anything that will keep you looking and feeling cool when you are with friends and family in the great outdoors. Whether you are at the beach, in the garden, or at the pub, it is important that you remain cool, calm, and collected at all times.

Getting Ready for Summer – Socially Distanced or Otherwise | UK Lifestyle Blog

Make the most of the summer because each and every one of us deserves it after the year-plus we have all endured. 

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