Great Ideas For Touring England Or Wales

If you’re hoping to tour a small country like England or Wales this year, then there are plenty of ways to do it. Of course, each of them packs a punch above their weight when it comes to things to see. The landscapes, cultural heritage and amazing architecture will keep you going for months. You’ll need to do some research and strip your tour itinerary down to those places you most want to see. Pick just one or two places per day, so you can really get a flavour of what’s on offer.

There are many ways to travel the UK. Trains, planes and automobiles tend to be the most popular choices. The UK also has some of the best cycle routes on offer too. Other choices include sailing the coastline, narrow boating the canals, and walking. The best UK holidays combine all these different ways, but they may take a little bit of organising!

Great Ideas For Touring England Or Wales | UK Lifestyle Blog

Another way to see the very best of the country is to take a helicopter tour. Fly over some of the best estates and stadiums. Sam from Pleasure Flights Ltd says “Guided tours are often a good way to get a new perspective on places you are interested in. Visit our website for more information”. An aerial view certainly can offer you an experience of a lifetime.

Of course, heading out on your own with little more than a map is exciting, especially if you are touring somewhere like England. Hire a campervan and pootle along one of the country roads until you find a tea room or pub. Without a doubt, you will see some of the most beautiful landscapes this country has to offer. Head to the coast for some wild surf in Cornwall, or look for dinosaur bones along the south coast.

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Canal boats are a very slow-paced, relaxing and romantic way to travel. You can see some great tow paths that wind through old industrial areas, or wildlife-rich fenland. These routes are also the backbone of much of the best cycle routes too. Take your bike with you and head out into the countryside to find those hidden gems like windmills and castle ruins.

Great Ideas For Touring England Or Wales | UK Lifestyle Blog

What England and Wales both have in common is castles. If you fancy notching up a few towers and great halls, why not plan a route that stops off at one or two? There are plenty to choose from, although many are now little more than piles of rubble. There are also some incredible country estates to visit. The cheapest way to explore these places is to become a National Trust member.

Wherever you head to in the UK, you can be sure of finding some real gems. Whether you love landscapes or architecture, you can’t find anything better than what is home grown in the UK. With a tradition of live music, theatre and the arts, you will also have plenty to do in the evenings during your tour. You might need to wrap up warm and bring a brolly, but you definitely won’t be disappointed!

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