Great Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Are you planning on buying your first home? You’re probably looking for the perfect place to raise your growing family. But, you need to be aware that buying a home is an expensive commitment.

It might and probably will be one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make in your life. So, you want to make the right choice and get a home you will love for many years to come. I’ve got some great tips on how to make sure that’s exactly what happens.

Building From Scratch

Did you know that you can build your own home completely from scratch? You can decide how big it is, how much it costs and even the location. You’ll be able to design the house to match your lifestyle and an environment that you want your future children to grow up in. You can choose the contractors you want working on different parts of your home, like Quality Exterior Services

You can decide what features it has and where everything goes while working with top builders and designers. Not many people realise that this is an affordable possibility. But now, anyone can have a luxury custom made home as long as they speak to the right building company. Have a look at for more information on this unique possibility. It’s certainly something worth considering.

Choosing The Right Location

When you look for your new home, you should be searching for the perfect location. Always have the future in mind, not just the present. You may be a couple now but if you are planning on having children in the next few years, you need to buy a home that’s big enough to raise them.

Also, it’s never too early to make sure you are in the catchment areas for the best schools and nurseries. When you view homes, you should try to speak to some of your potential new neighbours and make sure this is a safe place for children to play. Generally speaking, a homeowner will never admit whether or not a neighbourhood is unsafe for children. But a neighbour has no reason to be dishonest.

Paying For The Home

When you do find the right home, you’re going to be faced with the rather troubling aspect of paying for it. Of course, you will only pay a deposit for the property, a percentage of the overall asking price. This will usually be between five and twenty-five percent. If you can, I recommend you save for longer and aim to pay a higher percentage of the property upfront. This will allow you access to some of the most attractive mortgages.

To find the right mortgage, you should speak to a mortgage broker. They will find the best deal for you and ensure the payments are manageable based on how much you and your partner are earning each month. After a few years in the property, you may want to consider switching your mortgage lender. That’s because you might be able to get better interest rates in the future and save more money.

Good luck finding your new home. I hope you spend many happy years there.

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