Guest Post: Coping With Anxiety

My name is Angela, I live in Scotland UK. I am mummy to Liam (4) and Sophie (1) and wife of James. The main thing I guess you should know about me is I have anxiety disorder. Does that make me crazy? I don’t think so but others believe it does.

Anxiety first reared its head exactly 8 years ago when I was with my ex. Looking back he is the main reason for it. I went to two counsellors. One would talk about what was causing my anxiety and encouraged me to discuss it. The other gave me the tools to cope with a panic attack and explained the symptoms were not life threatening even though they felt like it!!

Eight years on and it still flare up every so often.  I can deal with it so much better than I ever did before. Don’t get me wrong it sometimes gets the better of me but not as often!


I have a few coping techniques which I will explain here.

Controlled breathing: breathing in through your nose, take a deep breath and as you take it think of the number one, then breathing out through your mouth say the word CALM. Continue this until you reach the number 10…..then count backwards.  My sister taught me this one!

If I am out and about on my own, this one is simple and very effective, I listen to music. That way I am distracted and in a strange way makes me feel as if I have someone with me!

Cube Breathing – Breathe in to a count of 4 -Hold your breath for the same count -Breathe out for same count -Hold breath for same count

Laughing – yes I know this one is a bit unusual, however, I find laughing calms me down. I laugh at the fact I’m anxious or panicking. It really works honestly.

Pep talk – I have been known to stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom before going out and telling myself I have nothing to be anxious about, that there is no danger. It works

I also write a blog which tells my story and documents my daily battle whilst being a mother and wife.  It is a great way for me to vent when I am anxious as it gives me something to concentrate on and knowing one of my posts could help someone else who feels they have nowhere to turn! My goal is to help others who have anxiety and other mental health issues to be open and honest. Why hide it?

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