There are tons of ways to make money on your blog, but this post will be focusing particularly on how much do bloggers make through sponsored posts. As research shows fashion bloggers typically earn £1,116 a year, but with so many variables, such as domain authority, social following and unique monthly page views, it’s hard to know what to charge – especially when it’s become such a taboo.

How much do bloggers make? SURVEY RESULTS REVEALED | UK Lifestyle Blog

I decided enough was enough. I put together a little Google survey and shared with all my blogging friends to find out the facts, how much do bloggers make? So I have to thank everybody that took the time to fill out my questions, I know you were all really excited to see what the results were, so here we go!

We had a great mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, parenting and foodie bloggers taking part in the survey, and luckily they ranged from newbies to veteran bloggers, which is great because I thought this would be the downfall – subsequently, the results would be quite fair. Below are the questions I asked over a three week period:

What category does your blog fall under?
How old is your blog?
How long until you started making money?
What is your DA score?
How many Twitter followers do you have?
How many Facebook followers do you have?
How many monthly unique views do you have?
How much do you charge for a sponsored post

These results didn’t only offer me insight to how much bloggers make through sponsored post, but it also suggested some interesting facts. By analysing the results for the category question, it was apparent that bloggers found their niche after one year of writing. I’m digressing..

The average blogger that took part had been running their website for 3 – 4 years, and first start making money on their blog under 1 year with a domain authority between 25 – 40, an average of 3,396 Twitter followers, 1,231 Facebook fans and 18,638 unique monthly visitors.

The blogger with the highest domain authority (who shall remain anonymous!), was a fitness blog over 5 years old with a domain authority of over 40, and 7,700 Twitter followers, 6,800 Facebook and and 200,000 unique monthly visitors.

The new kids on the block, with blogs under 1 year old and domain authority <10 – 25, with an average of 552 Twitter followers, 627 Facebook fans and 1,575 unique monthly visitors were still not ready to start charging. However, bloggers just a few months old in the 1 – 2 year bracket with domain authority of 10 – 25, an average of 4,478 Twitter followers, 903 Facebook fans and 5,217 unique monthly visitors were already charging an impressive £80 – £100 per sponsored post.

Based on these results I’ve made a rough table to indicate how much bloggers are charging at the moment. This doesn’t dictate how much you should be charging, but this may help you understand where you should position yourself based on your unique monthly visitors, followers and authority of your domain.

How much do bloggers make? SURVEY RESULTS REVEALED | UK Lifestyle Blog

Check your domain authority here

Alas! Remember every opportunity is unique; although I only work with brands that I value, sometimes I charge less if i had an existing relationship with them or if they have something more to offer, such as a social share (if they have a monstrous following, this can sometimes swing it without a penny being mentioned).

What do these results really mean?

As the world of blogging is ever-changing, our worth and value as influencers are rising. I’ve seen some blogs develop into high quality publications and become full time careers! Sometimes we forget to look up and see how far we’ve come.

When was the last time you evaluated your sponsored post rate?

Disclaimer: Some posts on this blog have been contributed by other authors.

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