Tips And Travel Hacks For The Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the world’s longest railway line which links Eurasia from popular European destinations like Paris and Amsterdam to the heart of Asia: China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and beyond.

And with the growing popularity and predominance of China on the global stage, traffic along the Trans-Siberian railways has been growing and expanding at a never-before-seen rate. With China receiving over 30 million international visitors per year alone, the Trans-Siberian Railway is busy!

Tips and Travel Hacks for the Trans-Siberian Railway | UK Lifestyle Blog

In order to get the most out of the Trans-Siberian rail and to ensure that you have a smooth trip, there are a number of suggestions we would like to make.

Each suggestion has been carefully selected from our friends and esteemed travellers around the globe, with travellers of every walk of life and diverse way of thinking.

We strongly suggest you book your Trans-Siberian trip or tour with a registered agency that specialises in Trans-Siberian tours 2016


If you take a chance on not booking your Trans-Siberian railway journey and playing it by ear, there is a good chance that some parts of your journey may be delayed. It is not uncommon that a number of people will be booking their journey in advance (surprise!) and are likely to fill up all the seats on the train from one point on the Trans-Siberian Railway to another.

Booking in advance will ensure you’re not left behind to find the next available seat along your path.

Our next suggestion is to maximise the limited resources available on the train; bring a metal cup with you to drink the boiled water they have aboard each train car or to make instant coffee, oatmeal, porridge, or noodles. There’s a lot of food items one can make with a little bit of hot water!

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Another really great suggestion comes from a more tech savvy “digital nomad”; bring USB battery packs with you. You never know if you won’t have a plug or your voltage adapter will break or fall apart. Having a USB battery pack will allow you to keep your mobile devices charged up so you can continue to stay connected –whether it is for work or for pleasure.

A “digital nomad” is someone who travels for extended periods of time while working from the road, earning a high value currency while spending other currencies day to day –so it is imperative that they’re always connected!

The next suggestion is two-fold and relates to personal hygiene; there are no showers on the Trans-Siberian railway, and you will likely be taking a long journey.

First, bring wet naps to clean in front of the basin in the bathrooms on each train car. Second, consider wearing merino wool clothing items such as underwear, socks, and shirts. Merino wool is naturally antibacterial and will keep odours down while keeping you dry and warm or cool wherever you are, as Merino wool adjusts to your body and surroundings.

Lastly, bring some non-tech games like cards or chess to mingle with neighboring passengers. You’re going to be travelling for a long time so you may as well get to know your neighbors.

Conversation pieces like photos of family or from your journey are also a good idea. Nothing relates the experience of a group of people like photos can.

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