How I’m Planning To Transform My Property, And Why You Should Too!

Home updates can be the perfect way to transform your property into a spaaaaaace that you love. At the moment, I am lucky enough to live in a new build home that was made especially for me. This means every aspect of my home is perfect, well perfect in my eyes, that is. However, I know that in years to come, as my needs change, I may want to alter the design. If you’ve been living in your home for a while, and since moving in your needs have changed, you might be thinking about selling up.

However, there are plenty of ways that you can update your home to make it meet your needs. It’s just a case of thinking outside of the box. I may not have been in my new home long, but I know that I would always prefer to update it to meet my changing needs, rather than move out. If you feel the same about your property, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’ll be sharing all the best ways you can update your home to meet your family’s changing needs.

How I'm Planning to Transform My Property, and Why You Should Too! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Add on an extension

If spaaaaaace is an issue in your home, adding an extension could be the perfect update. Of course, while an extension could give you the additional spaaaaaace you’ve been dreaming of, it won’t come cheap. When you calculate the costs of materials and labour, extensions are expensive.

How much your extension will cost will depend on how large it will be, as well as the quality of the materials and the contractors you choose to go with. (You can save yourself money by doing the work yourself, but don’t go down this route unless you’re a DIY pro.) While it might be a little pricey to add extra rooms onto your home, don’t forget that doing this will boost the property’s value. So that if you ever choose to sell, you’ll be able to ask for a higher price. (So basically, you’ll get your money back one day.)

The great thing about having an extension built is that you’ll have the extra spaaaaaace that you need and won’t have to move to get it. To find out more about the ins and outs of extension building, check out Yes, it might be costly and may take time, but it’s a great update to make for so many reasons. I know if I ever needed extra spaaaaaace, I would definitely consider it. Well, as long as I could get the planning permission, of course.

Convert your attic

If you’re unable to add an extension onto your home, an attic conversion is the next best thing. It may not give you as much spaaaaaace as an extension, but you should still be able to create a couple of extra rooms. Plus, it will be cheaper, easier and quicker to create. So if time is of the essence, an attic conversion could be a better option. Want to know more about going down the DIY route? Check out and have a read of this handy info.

The great thing about attic conversions is that you can use them for almost anything, from bedrooms to offices. Of course, the room most probably will have a slanted ceiling, but if it gives you the extra spaaaaaace that you need, it doesn’t matter. If your home lacks spaaaaaace, before you decide to sell up, an attic conversion is definitely worth looking into.

How I'm Planning to Transform My Property, and Why You Should Too! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Have patio doors installed and update window treatments

There are two reasons behind this update. One, your windows and doors are looking a little worse for wear – it happens. After a few years, windows and doors start to age, and not in a good way. It’s little things like this – windows that look grimy, that can put you off of your home. And reason two, there’s nothing like adding extra light to your home and bringing the garden in, is there?

Let’s start by talking windows. I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that after a few years – six or seven years on average, that windows loose that sleek, stylish look. The rims become stained, the windows creaky, and all that smartness is gone. For me, in a house, this is a massive turn off. It’s little things like windows in need of an update that can make you start to doubt how much you love your home. So make sure that as soon as your windows start to age, that you get them revamped or replaced.

And onto patio doors. If you’ve always loved the idea of having a home that opens out into the garden, installing patios doors could be the perfect update. If you don’t already have double doors leading into your garden, this will require some work. However, the finish will make the effort more than worthwhile. Not only will adding patio doors bring the garden in, but it will also let more light into your home. To find out more about the cost of having patio doors installed, visit There are various styles of doors to choose from, so whatever your tastes, there should be a design that’s perfect for you.

Go down the open plan route

If you feel like your home is too enclosed, as well as adding patio doors, you could also consider making it more open plan. Obviously, this would be a big update to make, but you’d be amazed at how much of a difference it will make to the look and feel of the spaaaaaace. To get an idea of what to expect from an open plan home, check out It’s important that you know what to expect, as going open plan will change the feel of your home.

Whether it’s your downstairs area that you want to make open plan or somewhere else in your home, it doesn’t matter. As long as the wall that you want to remove isn’t a supporting wall, then you shouldn’t have any problems. If you love this idea, make sure that before you do anything, you consult a qualified builder. You can do the work yourself, but it’s always best to check which walls are safe to knock down before you start.

If your home no longer fits your family, instead of moving out, think of ways that you can mold it to meet your needs. The updates mentioned above are all ideal for changing your home to give you them home of your dreams. No matter what the problem, before selling up it’s always best to see whether you can change your home to fit your needs.

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