Kate Spade Polka Dot, Phone Case For The IPhone 5c

If you possess an iPhone 5c then you’ll understand that colour, being its signature feature, is paramount. Considering you’ve chosen this model for its elaborate appearance, and picked the colour that most closely says something about you, then the last thing you’ll want to do is cover it up with a phone case.

This poses a massive problem for the companies creating these goods, and their freedom of design. I now look for cases that allow the colour of my phone to shine through, and Kate Spade provides just this.

Kate Spade Polka Dot, Phone Case for the iPhone 5c | UK Lifestyle Blog

With cut-outs around the edges, you’re able to see splashes of phone colour, while the classic black and white polka-dot design complements the whole range of iPhone 5c colours, as well as creating a nice eye-catching contrast.

There’s only so much you can say about a simple phone case – the material is a robust hardback with a fair amount of give, though I imagine on par with cheaper versions. It’s already a little scratched, though this issue is saved by the fact the spots are encased in the design and cannot be rubbed off.

What I will say, though, is that this case is remarkably special because of all the little extras. The Kate Spade logo, featured in one of the polka dots, adds a nice, unique touch, while the branding on the inside of the case says you’ve purchased a quality item without being loud and displayed for everyone to see.

Kate Spade Polka Dot, Phone Case for the iPhone 5c | UK Lifestyle Blog

I particularly like that the strapline ‘Live Colourfully’ features inside also – a nice sentiment for the owner, and cleverly appropriate considering the iPhone is the ultimate lifestyle product. The packaging is also very chic, which, alongside all of the product’s quirkiness, makes this an ideal gift for anyone who loves their phone.

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