Key Marketing Strategies That You Need To Push Your Website

When it comes to your online business profile there’s no such thing as too much effort. If there is a way to improve and enhance your standing in the online world, it simply has to be considered. In a time where more people will search online for a company than use more traditional methods, you want them to find you quickly and easily. It’s been a few months since I put together a blogging advice post, so here goes nothing:

Key marketing strategies that you need to push your website | UK Lifestyle Blog

Defining a clear website strategy

Although you may already have a company website, is it doing the best job it can for you? An obvious starting point for this is to make the design and layout clear, easy to use and not overwhelming. Just because you may be familiar with a large number of technical terms specific to your industry, doesn’t mean your customer is. Don’t scare them off!

It’s a good idea to view your website from a users point of view, as this isn’t always something we can do ourselves without bias. Invite people to use the website, giving them a goal such as contacting you, making a sale or requesting further information. Watch the test users on your page, listen to all feedback, good and bad and you might find you gain a unique insight that you weren’t even aware of.

You can also install various analytics on your website. This will allow you to track your visitors, see which parts of your website and marketing plan are popular and which aren’t doing so well. Knowledge is power and the more you know about your site, the better you can make it.

Keyword strategies to steer your campaign

Keywords are a hugely important part of online optimisation and are one of the most important factors in showing up in those tricky search engines. A keyword is simply a word or term that you would use to describe various aspects of your business, specifically one that you think people will use to search for your products or services online. Keywords are well worth researching and investing your time on, as without them, very few people will find your site.

Last but not least, email marketing 

A potential customer’s email address is a valuable commodity and should be treated as such. Whether used to follow up a successful sale or encourage a future one, email marketing can be used to great effect. Imagine a customer visits your site, they are considering making a purchase but leave without doing so. If you are able to request their email address during that time, all is not lost. Careful and well planned email contact can help you offer incentives for the purchase they were considering, giving them more reason to buy your product and giving you, a second chance at that all important sale.

Disclaimer: Some posts on this blog are in collaboration with brands but all thoughts are my own

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