Logitech Wireless Keyboard-to-go Review

I’ve been traveling about quite a bit recently, nowhere far but I’ve had a few other night stays here and there, i.e. my mini break in Brighton just the other day. That’s why when I was asked if I’d like to review the Logitech bluetooth keyboard for my iPad, I couldn’t wait to get my mitts on it. 

Logitech wireless keyboard-to-go review | UK Lifestyle BlogTrust me, I love to disconnect from the world, especially times like when we went to the log cabin in Cornwall, but occasionally there’s time that having a keyboard, the internet and your iPad is incredibly convenient if you’re a blogger on the go! I don’t like having to lug around my not only expensive, but heavy 17″ MacBook Pro, just for typing.

I’m not usually one for these little fads, but I’ve got to say — I’m impressed. I’m currently on my way back from BrightonSEO, I’m on a train with my iPad catching up on some long overdue writing using my new wireless keyboard. I’ve managed to cross heaps off my writing to-do list, without bringing my whole office with me. 

I’d been meaning to invest in one of these for a while, but I kept putting it off because I kept thinking “Do I really need it?”, which was a silly attitude to have, because they are dirt cheap nowadays. Initially, I was looking at the wireless Apple keyboards, as I’m a bit of an Apple whore and I like keeping things consistent. However, I genuinely don’t think I’d switch now I’ve used the Logitech keyboard.

It’s incredibly responsive, lightweight, small (but large enough to use just as you would a normal keyboard), and the material is really satisfying. It seamlessly connects using bluetooth, without an issue and so far I’ve been typing since London (I’m now coming into Cornwall), and I’m yet to use battery. 

It’s even got some nifty little shortcut buttons to quickly access other tabs, search, your iPads camera and the keyboard onscreen to access suggestions, as well as the usual shortcuts for volume and skipping tracks if you’re listening to music.

Not to mention, it’s splash proof, perfect for when you’re drinking wine on a train 😉

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Author: Sam Charles

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