Outdoor Living Hack: Create The Garden Of Your Dreams

Lots of us have outdoor spaces, but they can tend to lack a little in looks. Gardens can take a lot of work because they need so much looking after.We have a cool layout with elevated decking and a small (artificial) grassy patch. We’re lucky enough to get lots of sunshine, too – right until the sun goes down.

When the weather is beautiful, and you’re entertaining friends, what better place than the garden for a party? Well, I believe it doesn’t just have to be warm to enjoy the garden – I love nothing more than lighting our outdoor fire and curling up on our rattan garden furniture with blankets.

Outdoor Living Hack: Create The Garden Of Your Dreams | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’ve had a couple of compliments on my garden *blush blush*, so here are my two pence (you can see our garden in our home tour here). If you’re thinking about creating the garden of your dreams, then there are plenty of great ideas for you to try. If you’re about to design your garden, try to include each of these features:


Try lots of different textures in the garden. You might have soft blades of grass bordered with sharp shards of slate chippings. What about the flowing of a wall side water feature against the roughness of brick? Flowers can be spiky, bulbous, soft, and smooth. Even your pathways may become apart of your texture plan. A smooth resin based surface, or a gravel path? Decking is often grooved giving that extra depth to steps and dining areas.

Outdoor Living Hack: Create The Garden Of Your Dreams | UK Lifestyle Blog

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You can even build up textures in layers. This can go a long way to creating patterns within your garden. You might try it with flowers, pebbles, shrubs, or wood chips. The list is endless which means there is scope to create something completely unique. It’s a great way to add mood and character to your garden.


Plants and flowers come in every conceivable shape. You could choose large globes of flowers and minute oval leafed bushes. Maybe you like the wave of the long bamboo stems and leaves? Not only can every detail be mixed and matched when it comes to shape. You can also combine them to create shaped beds and lawns. Your decking or patio area may be curved or square. Even your choice of stepping stones may be all about the shape. Why not create shaped patterns out of different components? It’s a great way to give your garden a fabulous new look.


It’s not just flowers that offer your garden the different shades, tones and vibrant bursts of colour in your garden. Harder materials like pebbles, resin paving, decking and brick are full of great colour too. Then there are all the different colour leaves that shrubs, bushes, and trees can offer. You mix them up for a more eclectic mood. Or maybe you want to explore a single base colour in every possible tone? You may also choose to decorate your garden with dining accessories, tiki lights, and ornaments. Ceramic pots come in any colour you desire as well.

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Outdoor Living Hack: Create The Garden Of Your Dreams | UK Lifestyle Blog

When it comes to choosing flowers for colour, consider the full range of months that your garden is in use. Some flowers, like irises, daffodils and snowdrops are grown from bulbs. You don’t have to do much to enjoy their early flowers in February through to May. From April onwards, there is no end of choice for colours, and hanging baskets can be replenished with vibrant violas. Later in the year, you may find wildflowers offer even more variety of colour.


The garden of your dreams may need to fulfill more than one purpose. You might want a children’s play area away from where the dog goes. Maybe you need a large sized dining area for your parties? A little sun trap is great for some private sun bathing. Or maybe, like me a little shaded spot to work and relax? And you may also fancy installing a big water feature or hot tub. There are so many uses for an outdoor space, it’s important to consider them all.

Outdoor Living Hack: Create The Garden Of Your Dreams | UK Lifestyle Blog

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One of the most popular uses for a garden these days is growing your own fruit and veg. One of the best and safest ways to do this is with raised beds. You can build it with the environment in mind. Use old railway sleepers that have been reclaimed. That way you do not need any new wood to be cut down. Then fill it with organic, freshly prepared soil. As it’s raised, it’s a lot easier on your back, and great fun for kids too. You may also be interested in using pots, hanging baskets, or planting a fruit tree.

Light & Shade

Use a tree or bamboo to create shady areas. Alternatively, consider installing a pergola or gazebo to create that little bit of comfort from the hot sun. Use solar powered lighting all around your garden. Hang them from the house walls and fencing. You can also install them along your pathways. There are some beautiful hanging ones you can use that will light for hours after the sun has gone down. Have a fabulous summer in your garden.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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