Selecting Your Radiator Style: Goodbye Eyesore, Hello Instagram Interiors!

Whether you are innovating or renovating, choosing the right heating solution for your home is important.

In this article, radiator and heating specialists, Lincolnshire Radiators Direct are here to provide the all-important information you need regarding your next radiator choice.

Your Room Of Choice

Before you proceed with your desired radiator option, you need to scale and plan the rooms you are updating or renovating.

For example, if you are focusing on smaller sized rooms in your home, then downsizing your heating solution could be the best option, or even perhaps considering a portable radiator could work best, as you will more than likely need much less heat input into those rooms.

When focusing on the room in question, we recommend:


Towel radiators are not only an innovative choice, but they can add a much more contemporary feel to your bathroom when compared to a standard radiator.

Having a vertical option will also add more room to your bathroom space.

Selecting Your Radiator Style: Goodbye Eyesore, Hello Instagram Interiors! | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Living Room/Dining Space

Designer radiators help enhance your home’s overall aesthetics, whilst being a trusted heat source for your home.

In particular, flat panel designer radiators options offer modern manufacturing and will work with your home’s aesthetic.


With many radiators, you can personalise your own colour and finish, but if you are looking for a modern design option they are more commonly found in steel finishes, chrome finishes, colour variations and standard white finish.

When looking at both traditional and colour options, they do tend to be manufactured much quicker compared to specific finishes, as it takes less overall time to complete – With colour variations, many radiator specialists will provide a palette for you to choose from.

However, when looking to add different finishes, this may be something you need to plan ahead with before replacing your current radiator. However, choosing the likes of chrome or stainless steel can be an amazing long term benefit for you to choose. Especially stainless steel as they prevent the risk of future corrosion or material wear.


Accessories are just as important as the radiator itself, and by accessories, we tend to focus on the particular radiator valves you choose.

Having your desired radiator is amazing, but you also need the correct radiator valves to support your chosen choice, but also they need to complement the aesthetics of your radiator.

When making the right choice, receiving advice from specialists is incredibly important.

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