Serve Cheese Like a Pro With These Top Tips

Cheese is known to make excellent appetizers and snacks for a variety of special occasions. Whether it’s for a small get-together or for a large group picnic, serving cheese is an excellent way to liven up the taste buds for the main course.

Serving cheese is very easy and any first timers can pull it off on their very first attempt. Paired with the most sensual glass of wine or the freshest fruit, find out more on the 411 on how to serve cheese like a professional chef.

Know your cheese knives

The cheese knives are generally not for display only. The variety in their shape has several purposes and this is to properly slice the right cheese in their appropriate shape. Cheese knives are essential if you want to properly serve cheese in your meal. The standard setting is that one knife is equivalent for a portion of cheese.

Familiarize yourself with which knife goes with which cheese. It pays to know more of what cheese knives can do.

Don’t overcrowd the cheeseboard

Never waste your time placing all kinds of cheese in one cheeseboard. Take into great consideration the size of your cheeseboard. Overcrowding your cheeseboard is quite a hassle.  Not only does it look untidy, but it also makes it difficult to cut and serve to people. Arrange the cheese in adequate spaces in a way that makes them very tempting to eat.

Select only high-grade quality cheese when you plan on serving cheese in your gathering. Nothing livens up the palate like a series of great tasting cheese will. Browse your local supermarket for a selection of high quality cheese at a very affordable prize.

Removing the rinds is rude

Although some individuals prefer to remove the rinds, it’s better to leave them on. Removing the rinds is considered bad etiquette. Most people love to munch on this part of the cheese, so it’s highly recommended to keep them on. You will find that some hard and semi-hard cheese such as Gouda and Emmentaler have an additional coat of wax or plastic. Peel the extra layers away to expose the edible rind for everyone to enjoy.

Serve only fresh cheese

One of the most common mistakes that some people make in serving is that they never serve them fresh. Fresh cheese makes an appetizing snack for everyone. Frozen or days-old cheese lose their original aroma and flavor and may become unpleasant to certain individuals.

Serve cheese at the appropriate temperature

The last and important thing that you shouldn’t forget when serving cheese is not serving them at room temperature. Considered by many to be the ideal temperature to serve cheese, the room temperature allows cheese to maintain its form, aroma and taste. It is important to remember this small reminder if you plan on serving soft cheese.

Refrigerating cheese will make them lose their taste and warming them up will make them sweat in unappetizing ways. If you do have plans of preserving cheese hours before the party, do not forget that it takes about an hour for them to reach a room temperature. Think and plan carefully ahead.

Creating your homemade cheese platter is a piece of cake. Share your love for this dairy treat with these simple treats and your simple get-together will be the most fun and exciting culinary bash around.

Sophie White is a self-confessed foodie and a blogger, with a special penchant for natural cheese. Her love for cooking is only comparable to her keen eye for fashion. She considers herself an amateur cheese connoisseur. With her passion for high quality and authentic cheese, she currently partners with Sargento, a top real cheese producer in Wisconsin.

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