Several Pet-Friendly Home Additions

With a steady increase in the number of cats and dogs in our homes, it is no wonder that more and more people are remodeling their abodes to be more suited for their animal friends. As creating a sanctuary for your pet usually involves certain renovations, these ideas can help you in the process.


Several Pet-Friendly Home Additions | UK Lifestyle Blog

Pet Doors

If you work long hours or simply spend lots of time away from home, a pet door can be a great way to ensure that your dog or cat isn’t stuck inside your home for hours on end. There are plenty of options, including doors for walls, windows, screens, and even sliding-glass doors. Some of them are activated by a microchip for increased security, while others are constructed to withstand strong winds. Check out this page for inspiration. 


Window Screens

If you live in a high-rise, screens are crucial for keeping your pets safe, especially cats. Many people tend to think that cats have good instincts, so they won’t jump out, but this is a common misconception. Particularly during warmer months, pet hospitals see a number of cats that are hurt or even killed in falls. Child window guards or bars are also not a good idea, as cats can easily get through them, and they will also jump from fire escapes and balconies. In case you rent and don’t want to spend too much money on permanent screens, you could buy affordable, accordion-style solutions that fit windows of various shapes and sizes.


Linoleum flooring is becoming increasingly popular among architects and designers owing to its anti-microbial properties, which make it easier to maintain and more environmentally sustainable than the vinyl option. If you have a pet, you should know that wood floors are also a good solution, provided that you go for lighter to finishes, such as lower-luster glosses or distressed woods, as this is likely to reduce scratches from pet nails. Keeping your pet’s nails short and rounded will prevent scratches even further. If you can’t live without a carpet, however, you could opt for cheap, modular floor-carpet tiles, which can be easily replaced in something happens.

Outdoor Solutions

If you live in a house, any outdoor area where your pet may be spending time is as equally important as the indoor segment of your property. Important things to consider here are whether the outdoor space is secure enough to make your dog won’t escape. If your outdoor setting features grass and plants, you should see to it that there are no toxic or hazardous plants that can’t do harm to your pets. In addition to this, is your pet is allowed into grassy or muddy areas, it is likely to bring considerably more dirt back into your home. To this end, installing paver products in such areas and making them your pet’s outdoor space is a great solution.

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