Supper Club With Lucas At Dollys Tea Room

As part of my training for my half marathon I’ve had to take into consideration what I’ve been eating. A report on YorkTest Laboratories claim that UK spend approximately £29.4 million a year on takeaways; while on an individual level a typical person splurges £109 per month on convenience meals.I was becoming a statistic and I needed to make a change.

YorkTest have also found that people are most likely to food binge on weekends and that the research has found we care least about our bodies on Saturday, with people being 43% less likely to look for a solution to on a Saturday than a Monday

Living in a student town full of pubs and takeaways, I wondered where could I go for a organic and healthy food for wasn’t going to ruin my training schedule or break the bank. That’s when I discovered Dolly’s tea room.

Supper Club with Lucas at Dollys Tea Room | UK Lifestyle Blog

Dolly’s tea room and wine bar in the centre of Falmouth, it occupies perhaps the most beautiful Georgian room in town. Despite its central location in Falmouth, it still feels like something of a hidden gem vibe to it. Whether you’re looking for a cuppa tea or a 3 course meal, it’s certainly worth a visit.

A couple of months ago I went along to the Supper Club with Lucas at Dollys Tea Room with my boyfriend and our good friend Jess. The delicious menu created and cooked by author of ‘Good Things to Eat’ and Winner of Guild of Food Writers, Lucas Hollweg was bought out in 9 courses, yes… 9!

Supper Club with Lucas at Dollys Tea Room | UK Lifestyle Blog

Supper Club with Lucas at Dollys Tea Room | UK Lifestyle Blog

When we arrived we were shown to our seats at a long-table, met some lovely people sitting with us and was bought out our first course; Rose Vodka, Elderflower, Tonic and Borage Flowers! There’s nothing more adorable than serving alcoholic drinks in cups and saucers! The rest of the courses came out and were split amongst the table – and there was more than enough to go around.

Courses were coming out fast and we soon enjoyed Chilled Almond, Cucumber and Saffron Soup before tucking into an Artichoke and Vingerarette.

I was looking forward to the Newlyn Squid, Fennel Samphire, Mint, Pressure of Lemon and Pickle of Radish – it was divine (of course!). This was followed by Green Beans, Walnuts, Runner Bean Flowers then some High Welfare Devon Veal Carpaccio and A Little Caesar-ish Salad. We then indulged in Heritage Tomatoes and Lovage before the Roast Rump of Cornish Lamp with Cream of Courgettes!

For dessert we all had Cucumber and Yoghurt Jelly and Shortbread – which was lovely. At the end of the evening the owner of Dolly’s Tearoom came out and presented my boyfriend and I with an adorable shortbread, strawberry and cream cake that she made especially for us. It was such a thoughtful touch and really made our evening memorable.

Supper Club with Lucas at Dollys Tea Room | UK Lifestyle Blog

We tried lots of new flavours, met some lovely people and dined in what can only be described as luxury with a good friend. To top it off, we were made to feel extra special at the end of the evening – what more could you possibly ask for?

We will certainly be heading back with a bunch of friends and a bottle of wine. This unique experience would be ideal for special occasions and celebrations, just don’t forget to book!

Special thanks to RJ Trevarthen, Westcountry Fruit and Veg, Woodmans Wild Food, The Wheel House And Total Produce Bodmin and Dolly Tea Room for hosting the event.

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