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How to Use Plants (and Natural Design Elements) in the Bedroom for Better Sleep

At the end of the day, everyone wants a bedroom that allows them to leave stress outside the door. Your bedroom’s interior design can and should support the main purpose of the room – sleep. One of the simplest ways to enhance your sleep is to incorporate plants and natural design elements into your design.

How to Use Plants (and Natural Design Elements) in the Bedroom for Better Sleep | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. Houseplants

This is, of course, the obvious choice if you’re looking for a quick way to bring nature indoors. Luckily, houseplants come in all shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find a variety you like. However, you have to consider more than looks. Some plants require frequent watering and very specific light conditions while others can survive just about anywhere. Take into consideration how much maintenance you’re willing to do and your climate. After that, it’s about finding a plant you love.

If you’re not sure where to start your search, NASA conducted a study to find plants that remove biotoxins from indoor air. Their list included the bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen, English ivy, and Gerbera daisy to name a few. Plants on this list can remove biotoxins like formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. Fresh, clean air contributes to deeper sleep and helps you feel more alert the next day. The spider plant and snake plant, both of which made NASA’s list, release oxygen at night, providing clean air when you need it most.

2. Artwork and Display Pieces

If houseplants aren’t your thing, you definitely have other options. The goal is to create the same feeling you get when taking a walk outside. Nature walks have been shown to decrease rumination, a habit of negative thinking, and signs of depression. Hospitals incorporate green spaces and use nature-themed artwork because they shorten recovery times. Who doesn’t want that in their bedroom?

Leaves, trees, mountains, and landscapes all have the power to bring your heart rate and blood pressure down for better sleep.

How to Use Plants (and Natural Design Elements) in the Bedroom for Better Sleep | UK Lifestyle Blog

3. Nature-Themed Furniture and Accent Pieces

While nature-themed furniture and accents may sound a little too log cabin to you, that’s not what we’re talking about here. Organic shapes and motifs on throw pillows, curtains, and/or side chairs have a natural feel that harkens back to the outdoors too.

One or two small accent pieces with a branch or shell pattern don’t scream nature but rather provide a subtle reminder of down to earth places. Themes and pieces sourced from local artisans or that use local vegetation as inspiration can really make it feel like you’ve integrated with your natural environment.

4. Hard Textures

Most of the time when you think ‘natural elements’ you think of wood, leaves, and sky. But, there are other natural elements that can add interest and depth such as stone and brick. The texture of stone and brick, especially when locally quarried, bring a Zen-like feel to the bedroom.

Stone may seem a little harsh for the bedroom but when used as the base for a lamp or display piece, it can provide excellent contrast with the softness of a mattress covered with cotton or linen bedding (remember we’re going natural here). The two can balance one another out so you have the comfort of cotton and rugged strength of stone and both feel amazing.

How to Use Plants (and Natural Design Elements) in the Bedroom for Better Sleep | UK Lifestyle Blog

When incorporating natural elements, look for pieces that speak to you. A few thoughtfully chosen purchases put nature in your life where and when you need it.

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Making Your Bedroom Feel Cosier for the Colder Months

In the winter, sneaking up to bed a bit early to snuggle under the covers or read that book you have had for ages feels wonderful. There is something special about having a nice cosy bedroom. It is like having your own little retreat. A space you feel warm and comfortable in. If you have not had time to update your bedroom for the winter months, just read on. As you will see it is not hard to do, you can easily do it over a weekend.

Making Your Bedroom Feel Cosier for the Colder Months | UK Lifestyle Blog

Sort out your floors

If your flooring has seen better days, you could simply put down some rugs to cover the worst issues and make it look cosier. Or, you could bite the bullet and buy some new flooring.

Laying a new laminate floor in an average sized bedroom does not take long. Provided you are organised and get all of your tools out the night before you can easily do it over the course of a long morning. If you are going to do be using cordless power tools, remember to charge them the night before.

Giving the walls a fresh new look the easy way

Usually, there is no need to completely redecorate. Simply swapping your artwork for something that has a cosier and warmer vibe could be all that is necessary.

If you decide that your wall décor does need updating, consider taking the easy approach. You could perhaps just paint or wallpaper one wall, which is much faster than doing them all. Using stencils or wall stickers is also a quick and easy way to give your bedroom a startling new look.

Making Your Bedroom Feel Cosier for the Colder Months | UK Lifestyle Blog

Update your bedding

A bedroom always looks nicer if you have crisp new bedding to use. Adding a throw or eiderdown adds a touch of luxury as well as making the room feel cosier. Plus, of course, on colder nights you can always leave it on to keep you warmer.

Add a few extra touches

If you do not already have a chair and footrest set up in your bedroom consider adding one. You will be surprised by how much you will use it. Provided you set it up in the corner it will not take up a lot of space. Yet the room will look a lot nicer and help to create a cosier atmosphere.

Making Your Bedroom Feel Cosier for the Colder Months | UK Lifestyle Blog

Deal with any draughts

It is also a good idea to check the room for draughts. If you find any just go online to learn how to sort them out. Often, it is as simple as sticking some draught excluding tape along the edges of your door or window frames.

Do it on the cheap

If you are on a tight budget do not worry. You can usually pick up everything you need from your local charity shop. The fact that lots of people update their bedrooms and bedding at this time of the year means that there is usually plenty of choice available. Or, if you are quick you can take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and grab yourself a bargain.

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Spring Forward with these Stylish Decor Tips (Bedroom Sneak Peek!)

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll spend your time in the warmer weather. Maybe you’ll make room in your schedule to get outdoors or perhaps you’ll start regularly waking up early to do a little more exercising. These are just a couple of things I’m aiming to do now that the weather is slowly beginning to warm up. It’s just a year until our wedding and I should really start working on getting fit. 

Spring isn’t just about getting outside though, just as importantly, you should consider the ways that you can update your home for the season. It doesn’t require a lot of planning (or a large investment) to incorporate new spring décor. We’ve recently decorated our bedroom with fresh bedding, cushions and a few extra luxuries. Thinking of giving your bedroom a little TLC? Here’s how we prepared our room our Spring, and you can too!

Spring Forward with these Stylish Decor Tips (Bedroom Sneak Peek!) | UK Lifestyle BlogFlorabundance tulip vase c/o Dartington Crystal

Bring the Fresh Blooms

April showers bring May flowers. The saying shouldn’t only apply to the great outdoors — bring it inside, too. Fill your home with the sweet scent of fresh flowers from your local farmers’ market or grocery store. Arrange the posies in simple clear glass vases and place them on the coffee table, atop your bedroom dresser or in the center of the kitchen table. If you’re aiming for more of a rustic-chic look, then opt for mason jars or milk glass vases instead of the clear glass, which will bring some texture and dimension.

Add a Dash of Greenery

If fresh blossoms don’t work with your current design scheme or you don’t want to put out the cash to refresh the bouquets every week or two, there’s an eco-friendly and budget-friendly alternative: buy a houseplant. Try a hardy plant if you don’t have much of a green thumb, like a succulent or a spider plant. These plants are virtually impossible to kill, even with little regular care, and the bright hues they bring will make anyone who enters your home feel as though they’re stepping directly into spring.

Spring Forward with these Stylish Decor Tips (Bedroom Sneak Peek!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Employ Unexpected Garnishes

Planning to throw a dinner party this spring? Throw your guests for a delightful loop when you skip the standard place setting and add an unexpected pop of color with a fresh garnish, like a radish. Tie together your guests’ rolled-up napkins with twine and insert a single plump, garden-plucked radish to spice up the otherwise simple plate. You’ll get bonus points if you also find a way to incorporate radishes into the springtime salad or an appetizer.

Refresh Your Colour Scheme

As the shades of Mother Earth transition from dreary winter hues to vibrant spring colors, so should the décor inside of your home. Find ways to introduce new colors into your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Try fresh color combos such as a peachy orange with a rich chocolate brown and a soft shade of ivory. If you want to make more of a statement, try bringing together pieces in shades of hot pink, burnt orange and bright white. If you prefer quieter colors, go for dandelion, dove gray and aqua instead.

Spring Forward with these Stylish Decor Tips (Bedroom Sneak Peek!) | UK Lifestyle BlogMetalic gold cushion and Mongolian fur with suede back cushion c/o Barker & Stonehouse

DIY Modern Farmhouse Frames

With the growing popularity of the modern farmhouse design style, you might already be jones-ing to add a barn door to your closet. But in lieu of major home renovations, you can frame a few floral prints or photos of your friends and family in pieces of décor that you craft yourself. Lattice frames replicate the intricate woodwork of outdoor lattices, which naturally evoke spring given that their sole purpose is to support plants as they reach toward the clear blue sky, especially during the spring months.

Enlist Easter-y Elements

Spring is also the season when the Easter Bunny hops into town, so it makes sense to bring a bit of Easter decor into your home. Have you already dyed a dozen eggs in honor of the Easter season? Then you’re halfway to creating a fun, colorful centerpiece. Simply layer the dyed eggs inside of a large glass vase with a few green fronds to create a nature-inspired work of art.

Spring Forward with these Stylish Decor Tips (Bedroom Sneak Peek!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Are you a bigger fan of candy eggs than the real thing? In that case, create a foundation out of the colorful, foil-wrapped eggs by scattering them inside of a rectangular tray. Then add your favorite Easter blooms, planted in short vases that match the tray or artfully contrast it. Nestle them into the base of candy Easter eggs and let your guests snack on the centerpiece the next time you entertain this spring.

With so many springtime décor ideas to try, you’ll never run out of fresh and new ways to make over your home this season. Start by sprucing up your dining room table with a vase full of vibrant Easter eggs, adding a simple bouquet of your favorite May flowers to the coffee table or revamping the color palette in your bedroom. These small decorative changes will create a large artistic impact without much investment or effort on your part, so they’re well worth a try before spring melts into summer.

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