3 Undeniable Reasons Why French Beds Are De Rigueur

If you’re after a new centrepiece for your boudoir, perhaps a beautifully crafted French bed would make the perfect addition. But what exactly makes these models so special – and why, despite the fact that they’ve been around for centuries, do they remain de rigueur? Here we take a look at just a few of the reasons why these pieces of furniture have such enduringly popularity. 

3 Undeniable Reasons Why French Beds Are De Rigueur | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Offering timeless elegance

One of the things that sets these beds apart is the fact that they exude a timeless elegance. Although they are available in a wide range of different designs, there are certain themes that tie them together. One of these is the exquisite attention to detail that goes into making them. Specialist suppliers like French Bedroom Company offer models with intricate hand carvings, giving the beds a look of quality and attention to detail that simply never dates.

French beds are also famed for their flowing lines. From their curvaceous headboards and footboards to their carefully designed, delicate feet, they instantly invoke a sense of tranquillity and decadence; qualities that all discerning interior designers value in bedroom furniture

3 Undeniable Reasons Why French Beds Are De Rigueur | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Models to suit any design scheme

They are also available in such a wide variety of styles and finishes that they can complement virtually any design scheme. For the full Marie Antoinette effect, you could opt for an imposing model complete with padded headboard and finished in shimmering silver or gold leaf. Alternatively, if you’d like a more understated look, perhaps a classic rattan design with a natural oak finish would be more your style. The impressive breadth of models on offer means French beds can make the perfect focal point in both traditional and contemporary rooms.

The ultimate in luxury

Another alluring quality of these furnishings is their luxuriousness. Their generous proportions, along with their ornate headboards, footboards and side panelling, gives them an almost regal look and feel that’s perfect if you want to create an indulgent sleeping space. You can complete this effect by adorning your French bed in sumptuously silky sheets and topping it with plump scatter cushions and a cosy throw.

3 Undeniable Reasons Why French Beds Are De Rigueur | UK Lifestyle Blog

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One thing’s for sure, if you choose a French bed for your room, you can trust it will remain firmly in fashion for many years to come. Unlike certain other styles of bed that can quickly lose their appeal, these furnishings simply refuse to fall out of favour.

Author: Sam Charles

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