Styling your bedroom when you don’t know where to start

There’s one room in the house that we spend the majority of our time in. If it hasn’t had any recently, it needs some love and attention – soon. Our bedrooms are a place of relaxation, where we go at the end of a busy day to try and get some quiet time. It needs to be a place that we actually want to go to; the one room in the house that is a sole reflection of you and what you adore. Guests tend to go into the living room, kitchen – anything that’s downstairs, really – but your bedroom is the one private place where you can go wild, adorning it with what you wish. However, it’s hard to know where to start with it all…

Styling your bedroom when you don't know where to start | UK Lifestyle Blog


If you’re on a budget, a quick change of the bedding can do miracles for changing the look of your room. It covers such a wide space that changing the design, colour or even the quantity (so taking off throws, adding cushions etc) can dramatically alter the feel of your bedroom. If you have a neutral colour scheme in your bedroom, this can work in your favour – especially if you want to go for a complete change of bedding and pick a colour that you’ve never had before. IKEA have a great range to choose from, but you can find duvet sets in your local superstore now – simply pop along and make your choice.

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Changing your bed can have a huge impact on how you sleep – well, if you change your mattress as well. You could have a look at some David Gundry furniture and pair it with a new mattress to ensure that you’re getting the rest time that you deserve. It’s recommended that you change your mattress every 8 years to ensure that you’re not giving yourself any physiological sleep-related problems such as a bad back when you wake up. If you can’t think of the last time that it was replaced, it’s probably time to replace it again. Make sure that you go to the store and test them out properly instead of ordering online; if you order something that you have never personally laid down on, you may find that it doesn’t suit your sleep style at all.


If you have pictures, posters and other decorations up on your walls, these can be easily changed and switched about. You could even put them away for another time of the year and make them seasonal. If the wall tacks are already in place to hold up frames, consider going out and purchasing new ones and putting in more recent photos of friends/family, or even quote that are ringing true to life with you currently. It doesn’t have to be a mass exodus of everything that you love in your room, but just including the things that you have picked up on your travels or throughout the past couple of years that haven’t made their way onto your walls yet.

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