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3 Quirky Ways to Pop The Question This Valentines Day

If you’re thinking of popping the question this Valentine’s Day there can feel an element of ‘join the club’ in the sense that it is somewhat of a dating bandwagon, which is why you need to differentiate yourself and bring a more inventive twist to your proposal – something personal and tailored to the special person in your life.

This article will look at five ways to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, but before we get into that, it might be worth heading to somewhere like hatton garden jewellers in order to get some ring inspiration.  There are a variety of standards banded around about men needing to spend anything between two and three months salary on their engagement ring, but in reality, this loses the very essence of what a proposal is.  

A proposal is simply declaring to someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with them based on the alignment and significance of connection you share – it shouldn’t be predicated on buying a fancy ring, however, as a society we have been conditioned to place a great deal of emphasis on the quality and size of the diamond that accompanies the proposal.

3 Quirky Ways to Pop The Question This Valentines Day | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Here are three quirky ways to consider popping the question this Valentine’s Day:

Pamper Evening

Go to somewhere like Lush and arrange a pamper evening where you have a nice bath together, wash your partner’s hair, gently pour jugs of warm water down her back and conclude the evening with a sensual massage where you save the left hand for last – and as you massage that hand, slip the ring on her finger, and gently pop the question in this wonderfully understated way.

Go To The Cinema

There’s substantial advice around the idea of not going to a cinema on your first date, and at first glance the concept of proposing in a movie theatre might seem a little flat – however, if your partner loves films or there’s something meaningful about a particular cinema – you can purchase a one-off advert at the start of the show and create a thirty-second video showing your journey so far; with the question either appearing on screen, or it could be simply whispered in their ear.

Kidnap Her

Okay, the title might be a little off – but the idea behind it is rock solid.  Explain to your partner that you’ve arranged a surprise and that you need to blindfold her before setting out in order to not ruin the surprise.  In doing so, you’re building anticipation… and once you arrive at your destination, let’s say a beautiful secluded beach such as Bedruthan Steps, walk her down to the magical spot (still blindfolded) have something wonderful set-ups such as a campfire, picnic, and tent with tons of blankets… get down on one knee and tell her she can finally remove the blindfold.

In summary, proposing isn’t just about buying a fancy ring and asking the question in an expensive restaurant – it should be personal and magical.  It should be inventive and tailored to her specific interests and the dynamic of your relationship; sometimes people overcompensate with physical gifts (such as a fancy diamond ring) when what women really want is to feel special, significant and cared about in an action-based way where their partner makes an effort to be creative.

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Things to Do After You’ve Got Engaged!

We see that sparkler on your finger, which means you’re engaged. And, amidst all of your excitement — oh my god, you’re getting married — you also have to realise that there’s a lot of planning you’re going to have to do in the next couple of months.

The only thing is, you just don’t know where to start, but that’s where we come in. Here’s a comprehensive list of all you should accomplish in the months after you’re engaged and before you’re married. Get ready: it’s going to be a busy, beautiful, unforgettable time of your life — let’s get started.  

Things to Do After You’ve Got Engaged! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Celebrate Solo

You’ve probably already snapped pictures of your ring, shared them with loved ones and maybe even posted them on social media. Still, make a point to celebrate your engagement with your new fiancé before you dive into the rest of your engagement and pre-wedding responsibilities. This is the beginning of a busy time for you both, so enjoy a loved-up dinner date or weekend away before getting started.

We curled with a tin of personalised engagement biscuits from Biscuiteers and made a list of places we would research for potential honeymoon ideas. There are so many places we’d love to travel to, so it was really exciting scribbling down a list of all the countries we could go to. These are undoubtedly the best biscuits I’ve ever eaten in my entire life – they’re so moreish! I am biased, as biscuits are my vice, but even my fiancé agrees!

Things to Do After You’ve Got Engaged! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Tell People in the Right Order

We’ve already touched on the sharing-of-the-ring Instagram, and you’re certainly free to post one. Just make sure you’ve alerted your nearest and dearest so that they’re not finding out online.

A good rule of thumb is to start with your and your fiancé’s parents. If you can, divulge the news in person. Of course, not every engagement happens while you’re home or near to your family. In that case, hop onto FaceTime or another video-calling service so that you can see everyone’s faces when they find out you’re engaged.

Things to Do After You’ve Got Engaged! | UK Lifestyle BlogThen, tell everyone else who has to hear it directly from you: siblings, best friends, grandparents… whoever should know before the general public. Then — and only then — should you break your engagement news on social media.  

Plan an Engagement Party

Now that you’ve taken time to celebrate with your fiancé and told everyone closest to you, it’s time to plan an engagement party! This isn’t necessary for every couple — some prefer to stick to bachelor(ette) parties, wedding showers and the actual wedding — but others like to kick off the wedding festivities with an engagement celebration.

Typically, the bride’s parents are in charge of planning an engagement party, but you don’t have to stick to this trend. Like your wedding, your tastes will be different from the next bride-to-be, so don’t feel as though you have to conform to tradition. Invite your best friends and family members and it’s sure to be perfect.

**PSST** Need some inspiration for tasty treats at your engagement party? Just sayin’.. 

Things to Do After You’ve Got Engaged! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Come Up With a General Timeline

At your engagement party, a lot of guests probably asked when you’d be walking down the aisle. You don’t know this, of course — you just got engaged. However, once the post-engagement excitement starts to wane, you should begin to map out your planning timeline.

You won’t be able to choose a particular date and run with it. But choosing a few weekends or a month in which you’d like to have your wedding is a great start. Booking your venue will be the deciding factor in the date for your wedding, so, unless you want to get married on a date that’s special for you and your significant other, you can’t set a date until your venue okays your nuptials.

Once you know around when you’re getting married, it’s time to start laying out how you’ll prep for the big day. You can hire a wedding planner, of course, or just follow a typical wedding planning timeline to get yourself on track and ready for your walk down the aisle.

 Things to Do After You’ve Got Engaged! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Draw Design Inspiration

What will your colours be? What kind of flowers will you carry? Do you want a mermaid-style dress or a ball gown? You might have answers to these questions at the ready; if not, you can start looking for design inspiration to help you choose your wedding jewellery in all the familiar places.

Sites like Pinterest will help you come up with ideas for literally everything you could dream up for your wedding. You’ll find location ideas, decoration inspiration, colour combinations, hair-and-make-up looks, dream honeymoon destinations and more. Seriously, start a bridal inspiration Pinterest board of your own to see where your tastes lie.

Things to Do After You’ve Got Engaged! | UK Lifestyle Blog

This will be especially important when you head to the bridal shop to try on gowns for the first time. Envision your entire look — including the wedding jewellery you’ll wear aside from the rock on your finger — and keep your must-haves in mind as you shop. If you dream of wearing dramatic chandelier earrings, for example, you won’t want to pick up any other accessories to go with your gown. You’ll have to find up-do inspirations so your hair isn’t blocking your show-stopping jewellery.

Get Started

Now that you’ve had the celebration, drawn up a timeline and found your design inspiration, you’re ready to fully dive into planning. Again, this time will fly by, so don’t forget to pause, look around and really enjoy your wedding preparation. Before you know it, you’ll be walking down the aisle, so savour every moment.

For now, though, it’s time to start with step one: celebration. You’re newly engaged, after all.

Things to Do After You’ve Got Engaged! | UK Lifestyle Blog

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The Top 5 Engagement and Wedding Ring Trends For 2018

So, your big day is around the corner? And you’re looking for one of the most prominent components that will be a part of your whole married life- The Wedding Ring!! Well, in that context I must say that whether your choice is more towards the non-traditional side or you just want to opt for an exclusive and unique wedding ring, 2017 has brought innumerable options for you.

You can find many types of wedding rings in the market starting from the ones that are embellished with colorful stones to the stunning vintage designs. Just ensure that you get the best deal when you’re purchasing one so that you can save some of your precious bucks. I am here today with the five most exquisite designs of wedding rings available in the market now to make the whole episode of finding a perfect one for your partner an easy and convenient one. So, let’s get started!!

The Top 5 Engagement and Wedding Ring Trends For 2018 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Coloured Diamonds

If you want to give a modish touch instead of the traditional style then a colorful diamond is one of the best options to choose from. The pretty and stunning fancy colored diamonds like yellow or pink creates an extraordinary look without being too much over the top.

Moreover, if you have a bold choice then you can either go for a black colored or chocolate diamonds which just look absolutely fantastic!

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The Quirky Halos

The halo settings are something that has captured the market of wedding rings for quite a long period of time. And it is still the talk of the town in 2017. The row of dazzling diamonds which remains in the surrounding of the ring attracts the attractions towards the quintessential look of the center stone as well as even make the whole ring look big in size.

Now, in the current year, there have been few remarkable modifications in such designs like the vintage trends and geometric as well as expensive halos which make them look yet more striking!

 The Top 5 Engagement and Wedding Ring Trends For 2018 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Scrollwork Settings

This type of wedding ring is extremely on-trend nowadays. And why should it be not that even? The extremely organic look of this type of ring with a vintage touch in it is just awesome! Moreover, the ornate-setting, as well as the scrollwork, give an yet more astoundingly playful and unique feel. So, this will be just more than perfect for your beloved life-partner!

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The Classic Twist

At the first glance, this type of rings look very simple but there’s more in such rings than what meets the eyes. You can see the prongs around this type of ring a little bit twisted in such a way that it would fall at the same position where 12, 6,3 and 9 fall in a clock.

Moreover, you can even find in some unique designs that the diamonds which lie on the bands are twisted around the same in-spite of lying in the same straight row. That’s how these rings get an outstanding look!

The Top 5 Engagement and Wedding Ring Trends For 2018 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Double Shanks

Won’t it look immensely spectacular if you can find a band of diamonds in your wedding ring? Well, when you go for such a double shanks wedding ring you’ll not only get one but also multiple bands of tiny diamonds embedded in it. It’s just simply pretty and a ring of such a design will look more architectural and give a unique, elegant and trendy feel.

So, make sure that before you finally decide the wedding ring that you want to buy, you’ve got the aforementioned designs in your mind. I can assure you that if you choose any of these designs, your wedding ring will certainly end-up becoming the center of attraction!!

Author Bio: Joseph Payne is the marketing manager at CouponsMonk, deals, and discounts provider firm in San Diego, Calif. He his passionate in money savings, investment and finance industry. In addition, Joseph also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicaps and disabled people.

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