What Style of Engagement Ring Fits Your Personality?

It appears every fiancé-to-be knows what kind of ring she wants…except for you. The truth is, it’s a tough decision: it’s something you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life, after all, so you want to make sure it’s exactly right.

An easy way to narrow down your search is to consider your own personality while you look at rings, as some designs simply won’t suit your aesthetic. If even that seems too broad, don’t worry: we’ve narrowed down the following five styles to help you pair your bling with who you are on the inside.    

What Style of Engagement Ring Fits Your Personality? | UK Lifestyle Blog

If You’re Traditional and/or Practical…

Don’t think of traditional as being old-school or out-of-fashion. Instead, a traditional bride-to-be is one who wants her wedding look to be timeless. This aesthetic likely transcends into your day-to-day life, too: your wardrobe is simple and subdued with pieces you invest in and wear for years and years. Your ring is will be the ultimate accessory to this pre-existing style.

A traditional ring is also perfect for the practical side of your personality. That’s because a traditional ring is, well, traditional: in other words, it’s unlikely to go out of style because it’s been in style since the inception of the engagement ring itself.

The traditional ring is easy to find. Typically, it’s a single diamond set on a simple band so that you can wear it with anything. Don’t be fooled, though: your traditional ring doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter, and there are plenty of different band colors, diamond cuts and settings to choose from while remaining true to your classic side.

What Style of Engagement Ring Fits Your Personality? | UK Lifestyle Blog

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If You’re Modern…

Modern is very similar to traditional, but with a twist: you’ll probably have the same simple band, but your diamond will be cut or set in a way that’s much sleeker. A perfectly circular or geometrically cut diamond will be yet another piece of modern art for you to enjoy — and wear.

You might be a modern bride if you want your wedding day look to be clean with simple lines: think a spaghetti-strapped slip dress or a seemingly simple long-sleeved, A-line frock with a completely open back.

What Style of Engagement Ring Fits Your Personality? | UK Lifestyle Blog

If You’re Bohemian…

Not everyone can pull of an effortless, breezy, Bohemian look — and then there’s you. From your fashion to your home décor, you know how to put together fabrics, vintage pieces and art to create something one-of-a-kind. You envision lots of flowers, lace, a loose braid and maybe even some cowgirl boots on your wedding day: no princess vibes from you whatsoever.

Your engagement ring should, therefore, come without frills. Instead, speak to your inner free spirit with a moonstone or opal rock at the center of your ring instead of a traditional shiny diamond. You can also look for intricate bands with nature-inspired designs, for example, to suit your style, too. 

What Style of Engagement Ring Fits Your Personality? | UK Lifestyle Blog

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If You’re Trendy…

Trendy could encompass any of the other styles on this list because it’s an ever-changing way to describe one’s style. If you’re trendy, you not only stay abreast of all the latest crazes, but rotate your own style to match what’s on the catwalks and sidewalks around the world.

Therefore, a timeless engagement ring wouldn’t really suit you at all. Sure, others might argue you’ll grow tired of a trendy ring — one with a rose gold band or a pear-shaped diamond, for example. But, knowing you, you’ll know how to make it work no matter what style comes to the forefront next.

What Style of Engagement Ring Fits Your Personality? | UK Lifestyle Blog

If You’re Glam…

Finally, it’s time to consider the glamorous side of your personality. If that’s the truest reflection of who you are, then an extra-large rock with diamond-encrusted band would be the minimum requirement. For one thing, it will have to be big in order to stand out amongst the bling you already wear on a day-to-day basis. Plus, a glamorous engagement ring will match your girly style, picture-perfect makeup and well-manicured nails better than any other ring type on this list.

What Style of Engagement Ring Fits Your Personality? | UK Lifestyle Blog

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If You’re Still Not Sure…

Perhaps none of the above styles quite describe you — don’t panic. Instead, the best way to figure out the ring you like best is to start window-shopping. Head to a local jewellery store, peruse and try on the bling that catches your eye. Maybe it won’t be an perfect representation of your character, but just a ring you really, really like. Once you wear it every day, it will become a part of who you are, personality included.

What Style of Engagement Ring Fits Your Personality? | UK Lifestyle Blog

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