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8 Things Only People That Don’t Drink Alcohol Hear

Over Christmas and New Year, a huge amount of alcohol is consumed, as everybody gets in the festive spirit. As somebody that isn’t sipping prosecco at festive parties, I really do stand out like a sore thumb. I tend to order mocktails when I’m out; usually a cucumber, mint and elderflower cooler goes down pretty nicely. Firstly, because they’re super fucking tasty, and secondly, people presume it’s a cocktail and don’t bombard me with questions.

Naturally, people twig I’m not drinking, whether it’s when I’m ordering at the bar or they ask what I’m drinking. Surprisingly, it’s a really hot topic, especially for people that I’ve only just met who want to ask personal questions.

Here are a few phrases I hear a lot since giving up drinking, some welcome, some not.

8 Things Only People That Don't Drink Alcohol Hear | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. “Why don’t you drink?”

No, I’m not pregnant. No, I’m not driving. No, I’m not ill. No, I’m not hungover. No, I’m not religious.

I believe you shouldn’t ask someone why they don’t drink – it’s none of your business and I don’t owe you anything. Turns out, I’m the only person in the world that feels this way. People want to know why you don’t drink and some will pressure you. I’ve learned that those that mind, don’t matter and those that matter, don’t mind.

Casey Tommy actually sum this up beautifully on Thought Catalog:

“You’ll have some people tell you how unbelievable proud they are of you, and you’ll have some people tell you they don’t think you can give up alcohol. You’ll even come across those fine human beings that might try and test your tenacity by attempting to trick you into drinking. What other people say or think doesn’t really matter, but ultimately, whether you want to tee total your little heart out or lush yourself into oblivion, it’s your choice.”

2. “You don’t want a shot, do you?”

Everybody double-checks I’m not going to suddenly change my mind and get involved with shots. You’ll be surprised to hear, this doesn’t actually irritate me at all. Perhaps because I used to hate the taste of shots, and now I’m quietly relieved when I chime in with “I don’t drink alcohol!”.

8 Things Only People That Don't Drink Alcohol Hear | UK Lifestyle Blog

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3. “Are you going to drink at Christmas/your wedding?”

Believe me, there was nothing I loved more than enjoying a glass of prosecco in the sunshine with my friends after a long week. I would never have classed myself an alcoholic or label my drinking behaviour as a problem; I was just what you’d expect from your average mid-20’s British girl.

I’m a happily engaged graduate, rocking a pretty successful career, and have the best friends & family I could ever ask for. But after a summer of partying, I questions if my chronic anxiety fuelled by alcohol was really worth it.

I gave up drinking to banish my anxiety forever, to avoid blacking out precious memories and so I never have to experience a hangover again. These are all pretty good reasons, in my opinion. The changes to my lifestyle means that I’m achieving this each and everyday. To drink on special occasions seems like to worst time to break.

4. “You were so much fun when you were drunk!”

Were you laughing with me or at me? I’m confident that me arguing with the kebab man or falling off a stool when drunk was hilarious for you, but not so much for me. The time you genuinely thought we were having fun together, was probably (hopefully, at least) a result of our friendship, not because of alcohol.

8 Things Only People That Don't Drink Alcohol Hear | UK Lifestyle BlogI recently read a life-changing book This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life: Volume 1 written by author, Annie Grace. This Naked Mind is packed with surprising insight into the reasons we drink, it opened my eyes to the startling role of alcohol in our culture. Annie Grace brilliantly weaves psychological, neurological, cultural, social and industry factors with her extraordinarily candid journey. It’s impossible to put down once you begin reading.

One chapter discusses how we associate positive experiences, such as laughing with our friends, with alcohol through association. If we experience these situations without alcohol, we would be having an equally good time but our minds are tricked into associating alcohol with having fun. Does that make sense? Annie explains it better, so I definitely recommend giving This Naked Mind a read, whether you drink regularly, occasionally or you’re abstinent from alcohol, like me.

5. “Are you NEVER going to drink again?”

Wow! “Never” seems like a pretty big commitment. I’m not drinking today and I’m happy in my decision. I’ll take each day as it comes. Perhaps I’ll abstaine for the rest of my life, maybe not. Don’t sound so horrified.

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6. “You don’t drink? What do you do for fun then?”

Sorry but is drinking the only thing you do that gives you joy? If that’s the case then you probably have an extremely boring life, not to mention, you’ve got an alcohol problem. Never imply a sober person has a bland life. Let’s see who’s boring when it’s a Sunday morning… There’s more to life than working and partying.

Unsurpringsly, I’ve acquired plenty of free-time because I’m not out drinking or hugging a toilet with a hangover. I’m using my time way more productively to make myself a better person. I’m growing my blog, learning Arabic, getting fit and hopefully beginning my Master’s in the New Year. I save so much money from no ordering prosecco and cocktails, so I can treat myself to a little retail therapy once in a while, too.

I don’t judge anyone for drinking so I would really appreciate it if people didn’t judge me for choosing not to.

7. “We didn’t invite you because you don’t drink”

8 Things Only People That Don't Drink Alcohol Hear | UK Lifestyle Blog

8. I’m so proud of you” 💖

This gives me a little fuzzy feeling inside. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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I’m beginning an 8 week detox program – wish me luck! 🍀

I’m was slumped on my sofa, recovering from a hangover, feeling very sorry for myself. How original – a detox blog post from somebody that over indulged the night before. But what actually inspired the detox was a quote I heard repeated on the television (whilst I was clutching my stomach).

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Hearing those worlds suddenly put everything in perspective for me. Why am I going around feeling sorry for myself because I’m anxious, sluggish or hungover, when I treat my body like s*%t? It seems like over time bad habits have escalated, and now I’m downright unhealthy.

I’m beginning an 8 week detox program - wish me luck! 🍀 | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’m beginning my 8 week detox next week, because that’s when my recipe book arrives, and it means I can enjoy a cheeky glass of champagne when I go wedding dress shopping at the weekend. Some would probably say what I’m planning to do is ambitious (to try and achieve so much all at once) but I have high hopes.

Give up booze completely

Everybody that knows me will be aware of the fact that I have a chronic anxiety issue. I’ve been fighting it for my entire adult life and it’s only growing worse with age. My stress-levels go through the roof when I’m hungover and it can often feel unbearable. Not to mention, when I drink I rinse heaps of money, only to forget the night anyway.

I’m not one of those people that can drink responsibly, so the best thing for me, is to go cold turkey. Over the past couple of years I’ve gone through stages of giving up alcohol for 3 – 6 months, and I always feel so much better for it (even if I do get FOMO!). That’s why, this is the first thing I’ll be committing to for my detox.

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Remember to drink more water

When I quit my job 12 months ago I started to notice that I was drinking far less water. Working in an office meant I always had a glass of water in front of me, but now I’m all over the place I often forget! Over the next 8 weeks I’m going to make more effort than usual to ensure that I drink enough water each day. My theory is that I will create good habits and subsequently continue doing it without thinking when the detox is up.

Cut 100% of sugar from my diet

We’re a national addicted to something that is ridiculously detrimental to our wellbeing – sugar. Don’t believe me? Read this article on 76 ways sugar can pose a significant threat to your health, and you’ll agree with me.

It’s not going to be easy but I plan to remove sugar from my diet completely for 8 weeks on the Sarah Wilson ‘I Quit Sugar’ program. This will also satisfy my goal to learn how to be a better cook and generally become healthier.

I’m beginning an 8 week detox program - wish me luck! 🍀 | UK Lifestyle Blog

I don’t want to say goodbye to my sugary tea, but I know it’s the right thing to do. I’ll break my sugar addiction and then continue to live a healthy lifestyle with minimal sugar (although I will begin re-introducing ingredients, such as fruit that contain natural sugars, back into my diet).

Dedicate time to daily meditation

This is something that I attempt to squeeze into my day but usually it gets pushed aside when I’m busy; having a chaotic schedule is no excuse for neglecting your mental health though. If you haven’t tried meditation, I highly suggest that you give it a go. I feel like I completely reset myself and have a sense of calm, as well as a clear head.

Reduce the amount of meat I eat

Slaughtering animals and significantly increasing global warming, all because we enjoy the way meat tastes, seems so ridiculously selfish. We don’t need meat to survive but most of us eat it every single day. Shamefully, I realised that I have meat in pretty much every meal I eat. I decided this needed to stop for multiple reasons, but going full veggie was a big step, so instead I’m going to begin my change gradually.

I’m beginning an 8 week detox program - wish me luck! 🍀 | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’ll be taking part in ‘Meatless Monday’. Meatless Monday is global movement with a simple message: once a week, cut the meat. I decided to do this after seeing some of their campaigns that promote shocking facts, such as “For every burger skipped, you can save enough energy to charge your iPhone for 4.5 years” and “”If the world ate 15% less meat, it would be like taking 240 million cars off the road each year”. Every little helps, right?

Exercise on a regular basis

Regular exercise is the best thing you can do for your anxiety and energy levels, yet getting fit isn’t one of my main prioritise, despite moaning those are the two things I’m struggling with. It can be difficult to find the time and the motivation, but even a 30 minute run in the morning would be better than nothing. Who knows, maybe I’ll have some extra time on my hands now that I’m not drinking and spending the majority of the day in bed.

Wish me luck, I’m going to really need it 🍀

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Let’s Talk About Alcohol: It’s Time to Take Those Warning Signs More Seriously

Your health is one of those things in life that can be greatly affected by very small things. Little bad habits here and there can have an overwhelmingly adverse effect on your health if left unchecked for a long period of time. So it’s time to stop taking those health issues of yours so lightly and it’s time to take control of your health.

Let's Talk About Alcohol: It’s Time to Take Those Warning Signs More Seriously | UK Lifestyle Blog

Early detection is the key to a successful treatment

Cancer is one of those diseases that can hit hard and suddenly. No one enjoys the idea of developing cancer and it feels like almost everything we do in life can eventually lead to cancer. Whether it’s second-hand smoking because colleagues do it or eating healthily for a period of time, these can all increase the risk of you developing a life-threatening disease. But luckily, there are ways to detect cancer during its early stages to increase the chance of a successful treatment in the future.

For instance, a colposcopy treatment is typically offered to women after a cervical screening test. If abnormal cells are detected in the screening sample, then no matter how small the chance is, your doctor should recommend that you take a further examination in order to determine what those abnormalities are.

Your fatigue might be a serious issue

Fatigue and drowsiness are often confused due to how similar they are. Drowsiness is used to describe the need to sleep, such as if you’ve stayed up all night watching films or if you’re working extra shifts at work. Fatigue, on the other hand, is used to describe a lack of energy. The reason they’re often confused is because drowsiness can be an additional effect of fatigue, but they are entirely different when it comes to warning signs.

😱➡️  3 Reasons You’re Always Feeling Tired

Fatigue is a very common symptom, but much like a simple cough, it could have nasty underlying effects on your health. For instance, fatigue might be the result of depression or grief, or it might be the result of a persistent pain in your body. Some sleep orders such as insomnia could also be a reason for your fatigue, and there are some very serious complications such as diabetes or kidney disease that could be the cause of your fatigue. It’s best to get this checked as soon as possible and to also learn how to differentiate between both drowsiness and fatigue.

Let's Talk About Alcohol: It’s Time to Take Those Warning Signs More Seriously | UK Lifestyle Blog

Sudden weight loss

No, it’s not your metabolism rising and it’s not your week-long diet that’s causing you to lose weight. If you aren’t actively exercising or changing your diet then there is no way you can lose a large chunk of weight within just a few months. If you’re making changes to your lifestyle then it’s understandable. However, you need to be truthful with yourself. How much are you actually changing, are you really eating less, and are you sticking to an exercise plan?

If you can honestly answer yes to these questions then you should be fine. However, if there’s even a small bit of doubt then that unexplained weight loss could be the result of a serious issue such as cancer.

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