The Benefits Of Staying Sober For Just 30 Days

Heard of dry January? Yeah, well what about dry July? Oh don’t worry guys, we’re just yanking your chain, we know better than to expect our readers to forfeit beer and rose during the summer. But seriously, how do you feel about taking a sober month? It sounds kind of daunting right? But it’s not, and I know because today I have been sober for 30 days.

We’re so used to hitting the bar after work, enjoying a glass of wine with dinner and cracking open a beer on those hot summer days. Well, you know what? The worse a month of sobriety sounds the more you need to do one – sorry but it’s true.

You’re probably thinking, why would you want to be sober for a month, so other than tackling my hangover anxiety, here’s some more good reasons for a sober month:

The Benefits Of Staying Sober For Just 30 Days | UK Lifestyle BlogGrapefruit and mint mocktail 😍

You’ll have more energy: Drinking decreases the amount of REM sleep you get meaning you don’t feel rested. In fact, you’ll likely feel exhausted.

You’ll wake feeling refreshed: Goodbye hangovers, hello an actual recollection of what went down the night before!

Better workouts: Naturally your body is going to be more hydrated which will help when it comes to that power work out you have planned.

You’ll enjoy a flat tummy: Alcohol causes the body to retain water. Don’t drink and you’ll notice a significant decrease in bloating.

You’ll lose weight: We’ve all heard that alcohol is extremely high in calories yet somehow we fail, over and over again, to take note of how much wine we’re drinking at dinner or the effect that will have on our waists. It’s not just middle-aged men who suffer from beer belly syndrome you know. Also, alcohol ups the appetite, without it, you’ll snack less.

😱➡️  Hangover anxiety: Remembering we're not alone

You’ll save big: Add it up, how much money do you spend on alcohol? You go to restaurants, bars and often pick up a bottle of something for dinner. Stop this and you’ll be able to treat yourself to something very nice.

All this and poor old Lilly the Liver gets a rest too? Why wouldn’t you try a dry month!

Author: Sam Charles

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