Tea-Riffic – Make A Brew That’s Good To The Very Last Drop

We all love a good cup of tea, especially when it’s paired with a choccy biccy! But do you think you could make your daily brew even better? Sure you can! You just need all of these awesome tips and tricks.

Tea-Riffic - Make A Brew That's Good To The Very Last Drop | UK Lifestyle Blog

Get The Temperature Right

Did you know that different teas should be brewed at different temperatures? It’s true! So, it might not always be a good idea to leave your kettle to completely boil all the water as this could be too hot for the leaves. Green tea can brew in cool water, ideally around the 65 degrees Celsius mark. As for black tea, the leaves are a lot hardier and can withstand temperatures of around 85 to 100 degrees. You can make sure your water is at the right temperature for your tea by buying a kettle that can boil to different temperatures!

Go For Loose Leaves

Next time you need to buy some new tea, you should go for loose leaves. These are far superior to the leaves found in tea bags. In fact, some companies fill their bags with broken leaves and the ones that aren’t good enough to go towards loose-leaved tea. Don’t forget to get yourself a cute tea caddie so that you have somewhere to store your tea. If you want, you can always buy tea bags to fill yourself so that you don’t get any leaves left in the bottom of your cup.

Add Some Natural Flavourings

Lots of people add sugar to their tea, but this can be unhealthy when you add it frequently. It’s much better to add natural flavourings, such as honey or lemon. If you prefer to drink green tea or flavoured teas, you can also add fresh ginger to give the cuppa a bit of a zing! This spice works particularly well with mint tea.

Perfect Your Brewing Times

As well as needing to be brewed in different temperatures, each type of tea will have its very own brewing time. Green teas need the shortest brewing time, and you shouldn’t leave your tea bag any longer than three minutes in your cup. Black teas require the most brewing time, and it can take up to five minutes. Don’t leave your black tea in the pot for too long, though. Otherwise, it will taste quite stewed!

Use Fresh Water

You might not think that much about the water that you use for your tea, but it actually plays a really important part on the overall flavour! If you use water that has been in the kettle a while and boiled a few times, your tea could taste quite stale. Instead, you want fresh water that has come straight out of the tap. Don’t forget to use a clean teapot too – all that old tea on the dirty ones could affect the taste of your cuppa!

Once you start to use all of these tips, you will find that your tea game quickly improves.

Right – time to put the kettle on?

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