Tech That Will Make Revision SOOOOO Much Easier!

Have you got finals coming up? Are you drastically trying to cram in a whole term’s worth of knowledge into a few weeks worth of studying? Don’t worry, I truly feel your pain.

I stupidly decided to finish the final year of my business degree half-way through buying a house, whilst I was a manager at a marketing agency and training for a half marathon… I’m still working through my last few modules with Arden University, now I’m in my new home, settled into my role and eventually finished the race.

It wasn’t easy, and it still isn’t easy juggling work, life and studying but fear not; here is all the tech you’ll need to help you along the way. Share your tips below, we can get through this together!!

Tech That Will Make Revision SOOOOO Much Easier! | UK Lifestyle Blog


First of all, you’re going to need a solid laptop. If you’re still rocking the model that you started school with, then the chances are it’s running a little slow right now. If your laptop as an old dual-core chip, then it might be worth investing in something a little more powerful. This could be an i3 or i5 model.

Here’s a bit of help with all that technical processor jargon. Remember, a faster laptop will mean a faster workflow. Your don’t want a slow machine to hamper your productivity, do you? Once you’ve picked one up, you could win a new skin for it, here. A new laptop could be well worth the investment, your grades might skyrocket!


There are plenty of revision apps for iPhone and Android out there. So, whichever platform you’re on, you’re bound to find something that’ll help out during a last minute cramming session! Some apps will let you create multiple choice questions so that you can test yourself on the knowledge that you need to know for an exam. This is great, and you can ask a friend or classmate to help you with this.

Other apps will mimic the form of flashcards, so that you’ll never be without the important information you need to know. This can help you revise in places that you never thought possible. Such as on the train, on a bus or even out and about when walking down the street. You’ll be able to cram in a lot more study time by using this method, although it must be said, digitising revision notes doesn’t work for everyone!


Don’t pay for all those expensive textbooks and course books that your school is encouraging you to buy. Many of those are free on the Amazon Kindle store, or subsidised at the very least. One great thing about having a Kindle is that you no longer need to carry around a heavy backpack. All your books can be stored on the one device, which ways less than a regular book anyway. Sorted!


A smartwatch might seem unnecessary for revision. However, if utilized in the right way, these clever devices can really up your productivity levels! Smartwatches can send you a notification straight to your wrist whenever it’s time to revise! You can set this to hourly intervals or, alternatively, use it in the opposite way and time your revision breaks. Having your calendar right there on your wrist is also incredibly useful. You’re bound to be able to manage your time more effectively when it’s strapped to!

Hopefully, these four tech tips have given you the inspiration you needed to go and have a successful revision session. If you follow these methods and make sure you kit out your desk with all of these essential items, then you’re bound to get the grades that you deserve!

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