The Most Beautiful Evergreen Plants To Decorate With In Winter

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll know I’ve really been getting into my gardening over the last year 👵🏼 so I’ve been doing some research on the best flowers to plant and I’d say I’ve got almost 100 plants both inside and outside our home now! Winter has been a bit tricky though because we live in freezing cold England!

You’re probably wondering if flowers even bloom in winter here? Yes! Evergreen plants that pool into an oasis of green even when there’s snow outside? Yes, again! How is that possible? By being smart about your gardening habits and choosing a set of shrubs and flowers that you can enjoy all year round as opposed to only when the sun is shining. It looks much better than some twiggy-looking plants left from summer.

The Most Beautiful Evergreen Plants to Decorate with in Winter | UK Lifestyle Blog

Of course, this will mean that you can’t put away your gardening tools once the snow hits. There will still be some work to do. But it will all be worth it when you look out your window and see how beautiful your garden is during the bleakest of months. It’s hard to force yourself to get outside when it’s wet and windy but totally worth it.

Here are the most beautiful evergreen plants to decorate with during winter. If you’re too late this year, then bookmark this page so you’re ready to start planting next year!


You knew they were going to be on the list. These little beauties are so gorgeous that they even have a beautiful official name – Galanthus. But what’s more important about them is that they absolutely thrive in cold weather, like no other flowering bloom out there. In fact, they will even bloom through the snow if you live in a colder climate, which should make them a perfect addition to your winter garden.

Snowdrops love the shade (perfect for some shady corner spots in our garden that doesn’t get any sun), so you will need to plant them right next to your house, a tree, or in the corner of your garden. After that, you will be able to enjoy their precious blooms between January and March.

The Most Beautiful Evergreen Plants to Decorate with in Winter | UK Lifestyle Blog

Winter Heath

The name says it all here. Winter heath comes in two varieties – the Erica Carnea and Erica x darleyensis, a hybrid of the classic, which blooms in a gorgeous colour described by gardeners as Mediterranean Pink. Who wouldn’t want their entire backyard filled with Mediterranean Pink flowers all winter long?

Just think about it. You go out to enjoy a steam in your garden sauna, for a brisk walk or maybe even just to feed the birds and instead of dead shrubs you get to admire a garden filled with pink blooms. A true winter dream.

English Primroses

These yellow lovelies will bring a spot of colour in your garden once it’s filled with snow.  Primroses produce small, yellow blooms that smell sweet and tangy, somewhat like orange candy. In fact, primrose oil is often used in the cosmetic industry for body lotions and shower gels.

Therefore, you will be able to appreciate more than just their aesthetic this winter. However, when you buy the seeds, make sure you get the English Primrose type. Primroses, in general, come in many varieties, but only the English ones bloom in winter. The rest comes out in the spring.

The Most Beautiful Evergreen Plants to Decorate with in Winter | UK Lifestyle Blog
We have Jasmine climbing up our garden fence and I LOVE it! ❤️

Winter Jasmine

Yes, the jasmine we all know and love has a winter sister. And this pretty pair of bloomers have a trick to it. The summer kind you already know produces white flowers while the winter kind we are interested in right now produces yellow flowers. Which is fantastic because its small, yellow flowers will contrast beautifully with the snow in your garden.

However, there is one thing you need to know about winter jasmine. Sadly, unlike its summer sister, it is unscented. Winter jasmine doesn’t produce that lovely perfume we have come to expect out of the jasmine family. But it’s still a gorgeous flower to have in your backyard once the snow starts to fall!


The fact that their name sounds like something out of Harry Potter should be enough to convince you that you need these flowers in your winter garden. But if it isn’t, you will be pleased to find out that Honeywort is a very interesting plant. It produces beautiful, purple shoots which cascade down the green foliage.

Native to the region of the Mediterranean, Honeywort is also called Blue Shrimp because that’s exactly what it looks like. And that is the best way to describe it to you. Its blooms are small and grape purple while the foliage in itself is dark purple, not green as you would expect it to be. That and its shrimp shape is what makes this plant so special.

In fact, the purple colour of the leaves grows darker and darker as the weather goes colder. Therefore, they will act as a beautiful, natural, decorum for your garden, giving you an organic spectacle every time you look out the window.

The Most Beautiful Evergreen Plants to Decorate with in Winter | UK Lifestyle Blog

Algerian Iris

This might just be the crowning jewel of your winter garden. Algerian Iris is simply stunning to behold. Not only that, but it lies dormant all summer long, just waiting for the cold months of winter to bloom.

And when it does, it produces a set of flowers that range from deep purple to soft lavender. They all have a characteristic yellow line running through the petals. Not only that, but the flowers smell very sweetly too. And all they need is the summer sun and a little care from you to thrive.

For the best results, pair all the amazing evergreen plants on the list with shrubs and ivy that will act as a green canvas for them. In this way, your winter garden will truly look spectacular.

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