Things You Learn After Buying Your First House

No matter how good a mum you are, there will always be some things that are completely out of our control. Most of the time it’s down to electrical problems or DIY issues. But don’t worry!

Even if you and your partner aren’t the most practical of people, there are always you can fix things. Here are some of the most common household problems and what you need to do to try and fix them.

Things you learn after buying your first house | UK Lifestyle Blog

TV and Netflix downtime is pretty tough

It can be a real nightmare when our TV breaks. Especially if you rely on it to entertain the kids when you are busy cooking or cleaning. But, thankfully, most TV issues can be easy to fix yourself. If your box isn’t picking up a very good signal, you might just need to move the aerial.

Try it on a different side of your property to see if it picks up a better signal there. If you have a Sky Box, the problem could be at their end, so give them a quick call. Still have a problem? Then you might need to call out a handyman who deals with TV Repair.

Doors swell, squeak and jam

Is one of your doors particularly difficult to open or close? You may need to sort out the door frame, as these can often need replacing. This might sound like a difficult task, but it is remarkably simple to do.

Simply take off the door and then remove the trim and the jamb. You can then ensure the door sits correctly in the frame. Still sound pretty difficult? No problem – just call your local carpenter or joiner.

Fresco dining = bugs in your house

The summer is prime time for pest and rodent infestations. There are many ways you can prevent this, though. You just need to store leftover food in the fridge out of the way, and also make sure you regularly clean your kitchen. However, if you do find an infestation, you don’t need to panic.

You can buy lots of sprays that will kill bugs. Mouse and rat traps are great for getting rid of rodents. If the infestation becomes a big problem, call in the professionals. Pest controllers can rid your home of any creatures within a matter of hours!

Cleaning the kitchen is the WORST

If you are regularly using your kitchen, you might find a smell develops from the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, these smells aren’t as easy to remove as they are to detect! One of the best ways to get rid of a smell is to change the plastic seal that sits around the plughole.

You can also try pouring bleach down the drain, but this can be dangerous if you have small children running around. If the smell keeps on returning, you may have a blocked sink. To solve this problem, you should call a plumber.

If a household problem ever gets too much for you to deal with, there will also be a handyman or specialist who will be able to come out and sort your issue. So don’t panic too much!

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