Tips For Safe Summer Travel With Pets

Who doesn’t like to go on summer vacation? Everyone does. And most of us enjoy the company of our canine. The summer vacation becomes filled with fun and laughter as everybody gets together. Here we are going to discuss some tips and tricks that will let you enjoy your vacation without any trouble and also help you take care of pets while you are at it.

The most important thing will be to carry food for your pet and if you have a dog as your pet then you must know what is the best dog food on the market? Since there are different foods available in the market. Some owners also choose to make or rather create a raw diet for their pets at home. You can decide which one will suit you the best. Let’s begin with the travel hacks for going on a vacation with your pet.

Tips for Safe Summer Travel with Pets | UK Lifestyle Blog

Relieve the Anxiety

Most of the pets get scared when they see their carrier. And avoiding the carrier is not possible irrespective of the mode of travelling (flight or a drive on the road) and also it is for the safety of the pets only. So what you can do to tackle this anxiety issue is that get them in a habit of going into the carrier without the fear that they are going to a veteran or a harmful place. As this is what most of the pets fear, they think that through this carrier they are taken to a dangerous site. So you take them to a nice and soothing place to eradicate this fear right out of them.

Select the appropriate carrier

If you are going somewhere through a plane then it is advised to take your pet in a soft-sided carrier. This will provide him or her with more room to breathe and some relief as well. Though if you are going on a road trip or travelling through your car then it is best to take the pet in a hard-sided carrier.

One thing that would provide the pet with some sense of relaxation is the feeling of security. You can do this by placing a t-shirt or any other cloth of yours that has your scent, in the carrier and also you can put in the favourite toy of your pet as well.

Remember to carry the meds

You will need the medical records of your pet, especially if you are going to travel on a plane as per the federal law requirements. They will allow the pet to board the plane after checking his or her health certificate. Also, this certificate must be a recent one and given by a properly qualified veteran.

The second thing that you will need is the medicine of your pet. You must carry these if there are any. So remember to carry the emergency medicines for your pooch as well when you will do the packing for yourself.

Check for vaccinations

Before you leave for your summer vacation along with your pet, visit the veteran first to see if your pet requires any vaccination. This becomes more important if you are travelling to another country.

Remember to make reservations

If you have one or more pets and you are taking him/her or them on vacation with you then you will need to make reservations for them as well if you are travelling by plane. This is important to remember because only a limited number of pets are allowed on a plane and so the reservation is done on a first come first serve basis.

One useful information for you will be that trains and buses do not allow travellers to take their pets along with them. But some cruises do, so if you are travelling by plane or cruise then you are in luck, but for both, the cases remember to make a prior reservation or get permission as soon as possible.

Some necessary things

Now for safety reasons for your pet, there must be an identification tag attached to the collar. This tag must have the owner’s phone number on it, in case you get separated from your pet. The chances of this happening can be decreased if you have a sturdy leash on your pet. Also, pack the regular food for your pet as most of the pets cannot handle change in their diets. So carry food, water, and bowls for it.

Last but not least…

If you are going to stay at a hotel then perform a prior check whether that hotel allows pets to stay or not. Otherwise, you will be stuck. And if the hotel allows then you must look after your pet that it does not create any problem for the hotel staff or damage any of their belongings.

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