Tips To Some Save Extra Space In Small Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where you start the day with your morning shower and wind it up with a night skincare routine. You need all the makeup, toiletries, and linen set in an organized way for a hassle-free experience.

If you have a small bathroom and you struggle with the limited space, you have landed on the right page. We are sharing some creative ideas to add storage to your bathroom and get the most of that little room. Check out these tricks to use all the right spots for storing things creatively.

Tips to Some save Extra Space in Small Bathroom | UK Lifestyle Blog

Incorporate a sink cabinet

Wondering how to utilize space to keep these things near the sink? We have an excellent idea for you.

Install a cabinet under the sink and fit all the items you need to store. You can use small plastic containers for different items, as they are easy to clean.

Utilize the cabinet doors to keep bathroom-cleaning supplies. Install floating shelves on the inside of the door and keep the stuff there. Your paper towel holder can also find space inside the under-sink cabinet.

That’s how you work with limited space. it’s a bit tricky but you can achieve a lot of storage space with these simple hacks.

Glass Shelves to utilize walls purposefully

Bring more space to the storage capacity of your bathroom by using the walls. Glass shelves are a cool idea to hold grooming tools and beauty products.

If you want a designated spot for flat iron and hair tools, keep a basket on the shelf for this stuff. For the cosmetic stuff, put them in individual holders or small baskets. Make sure you keep the same theme of containers on the glass shelf as it exhibits a coordinated look.

You can install a floating glass shelf near the sink to keep soaps and body wash fragrances. Otherwise, get double or triple layer shelves to keep makeup products and other necessities. There is a variety of shelf styles available, so you can choose according to your needs and the stuff you have.

Store less-used items higher on the shelves. You can keep a paper towel holder to stack your bracelets and hair ties. Try out this life-saving idea and thank us later!

Sliding Shower Doors saves extra door opening space

This is another trick to save space in the bathroom and give it a wider appearance. Create an impression that there is something huge behind and install a glass door for your shower space. Ditch the hinged door as it takes space. Instead, install the sliding shower door to make the most of the little space.

To elevate the shower experience, buy a frameless shower door with no hardware as this helps create an illusion of space. The higher the shower door, the better it is.

Apart from saving space, the sliding shower door leaves a cool vibe in the bathroom. So, it’s the right time to dump the shower curtains and redesign the bathroom space by adding a sliding shower door.

Mirror with shelf or cabinet

Peekaboo! A mirror with a shelf or cabinet offers much more than a morning check: It hides your collection of shampoos and conditioners!

The two-in-one mirror is an exceptional storage solution for a small bathroom. When closed, it serves as a trendy mirror for last-minute glimpses. However, when it swings open, the shelves hold your beauty and bathroom essentials in place. Some models are adorned with LED lights, which makes them stylish and adds more points to the look.

The LED mirror cabinet at Fab Glass and Mirror is a classic solution for your tiny bathroom. The extra shelves hold your stuff while the LED lights illuminate your bathroom. Moreover, a chrome towel rod increases the functionality of this versatile product.

Replace Wall hook with Towel Hanging bar

It’s time to get rid of the traditional wall hooks and install stylish towel hanging bars in the bathroom. If more people are using the same bathroom, you can opt for multiple bars and place them horizontally under the other ones.

The towel bar can hold magazines, toilet papers, and towels. So, be creative and utilize one thing for maximum stuff. This is the secret to make a small bathroom feel like a luxurious space.

If you are looking for a stylish towel bar with a shelf, Fab Glass and Mirror has the perfect towel bar for you. This classic addition to the bathroom would upgrade the look and help you save space.

If you don’t have enough space on the walls, utilize the backside of the door. However, make sure that the size of the towel rods matches the depth of the doorknob. This would ensure that it doesn’t stop opening the door.

Save unused space that’s high

Do you have wasted space above the bathroom door or other walls of the bathroom? Take advantage of that space by getting a box shelf fitted there. It’s the perfect hidden place to keep towels or spare bathroom stuff.

If you have stocked toilet paper or bathroom cleaning stuff, store them up there.

Hang it up

Cabinets can take a lot of space in the bathroom and it doesn’t look appealing as well. What’s the solution, then? Hang small baskets or use magnetic holders to hang stuff in the bathroom. The magnetic strips are a perfect point to attach your bobby pins and hair clips to make sure you never lose them.

Stick magnetic containers or hooks behind the door if you are short of space. They can hold bathroom essentials like scissors, razors, and brushes. You can also stick magnets to the back of cosmetic products to attach them to the door.

To sum up, small changes and efforts can help you conserve space and add storage to your bathroom. Keep these tips in mind for maximizing storage space in the bathroom. You’ll love how your mini bathroom will ultimately have enough space to hold everything and look organized.

Are you ready to try these hacks and improve your bathroom storage? We wish you good luck with the project.


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