3 Things You Never Knew About Running

Running has taken over the fitness world, and the trend has not shown any sign of slowing down in the recent years. On the hand, it’s great news because running is one of the healthiest ways of killing time that you could find – at least it beats eating chips and watching TV in the great scale of trendy hobbies, which is a bonus.

On the other hand, running sees a lot of beginners and newcomers who are not fully ready to embrace the advantage of this exciting fitness training. In fact, no amount of training will get you ready to face these simple but often forgotten elements of the running industry.

3 Things You Never Knew About Running | UK Lifestyle Blog

Running needs specialist equipment

Okay, you probably think that you know that running needs equipment. After all, that’s why you bought your running shoes. True, but that’s not what I mean here. Runners do sweat a lot, like anyone else who is killing a high amount of calories through physical activities. Except that there are activities where sweat doesn’t matter. But if you think about it, running at the gym used to be a nightmare in the first years – think over 20 years ago – when the first treadmills were not designed to protect the system from sweat.

In fact, companies that design treadmills nowadays need to work with a membrane switch manufacturer to get a membrane keypads for users to choose their running programme without transferring humidity into the system. I bet you didn’t think of the dangers of sweating before! A similar argument is valid for any type of equipment that you need to touch with your fingers as you run, tracking device or music device.

3 Things You Never Knew About Running | UK Lifestyle Blog

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You need to train to run

Now, I know that this one sounds like the most logical thing to say, but bear with me a moment. Most newcomers to the running sports imagine that all they need to do is to keep on running to get better. Wrong! You need to train your muscles to build strength so that you can run better.

Cross-training for instance, with swimming or strength training, is a great way of reducing the risk of injury and improving your performance. So, if you want to pick up running, you need to pick up another activity too. That might sound silly, but it’s what’s best for your body.

3 Things You Never Knew About Running | UK Lifestyle Blog

You can get angry if you’re not careful

Have you heard of run rage? This is quite similar to road rage, except that it touches runners… And it’s never pretty to see. In fact, runner’s rage is what happens when you focus so much on your performance that you forget that you are just another person in the world. In other words, you may want to beat your time, but that doesn’t mean you own the road and you are allowed to be abusive towards anyone who delays you. Be mindful of those around you when you run, to avoid any risky business, such as the jogger who shoved a pedestrian in front of a bus on the Putney Bridge. Nowadays, it’s still unknown whether he didn’t see the pedestrian or reacted in a state of rage.

To sum up, running is not a sport for those who are unprepared. It demands great dedication to keep your body fit and strong, but also to stay focused to your surroundings. Jog with your eyes open and your mind focused to avoid injuring yourself or others.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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