5 Practical And Stylish Home Décor Additions You’ll Love

Most homeowners have an idea or two of what they’d like to change about their houses. Unfortunately, many of these visions are far too grandiose to realise on a tight budget.

But there is some good news for those with big home-update dreams and less-than-sizeable funds: you can try one of the following five projects to refresh and restyle your home without breaking the bank. And, even if you can’t do a full renovation to add value to your home, a smaller DIY project can have positive effects on your bottom line, too.

So, roll up your sleeves and start planning how you’ll make one of the following XX projects a reality in your home.

5 Practical and Stylish Home Décor Additions You'll Love | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. Tile Your Floors — With Carpet

Carpet tiles have become all the rage in flooring, and it’s easy to see why. You can get swatches with just as much of a cushy feel as wall-to-wall carpeting, but you can mix up the colour and pattern to create a more artful floor. On top of that, the carpet tiles are easily removable and replaceable, so, if you — or your spouse, kids or pets — spill something, you can pop out the affected tile, rinse it and be on your merry way.

2. Crown Your Ceilings (and Cabinets)

A bit of crown moulding can make a big impact on a room. The band of white draws the eye up and makes the room appear larger, which is great news for homeowners who don’t have extra-high ceilings. Plus, crown moulding gives a space a more polished appearance, finishing off the plain dry wall with a bit more pizzazz.

Installing your own crown moulding shouldn’t be too difficult, although you’ll need a saw and some patience to measure out pieces of wood. You can make your life even easier by buying corner blocks rather than cutting crown moulding at the perfect angle so that it meets up at the corners of your walls.

You can also use crown moulding to make construction-grade cabinets look built-in. Many homeowners before you have used their molding-installation skills to fill the space from the top of their cabinets to the ceilings with a bit of crown, though you might need larger pieces of wood than you do when putting crown moulding at the top of a sheet of drywall.

5 Practical and Stylish Home Décor Additions You'll Love | UK Lifestyle Blog

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3. Paint — But Not the Walls

You already know that a coat of paint on your walls can completely transform a room — in fact, you’ve probably already slathered on a few layers of paint around your home. But painting other parts of and features within your home can give a room an entirely new look.

Take, for example, your kitchen. If you have old school oak cabinets with brass fixtures, for example, the overall feel of the space is likely somewhat dated. By spending a weekend carefully painting out your cabinets a new, more modern hue (and, of course, replacing the hardware), you can completely transform the look and feel of the room.

You can also use paint kits to make non-stainless appliances appear silver and non-granite countertops appear to be rocky. Search your local hardware store and ask a professional on-staff to show you all the ways you can hack your home décor with the right can of paint.

4. Scape Your Land

When the topic of home décor comes up, so many of us ignore the outdoor spaces of our home in the conversation. However, landscaping your yard can give your property’s exterior a whole new look. You can make the task of landscaping easier and more practical in the long run by making changes that are easy to put in place.

For some homeowners, this means removing grassy areas or foregoing a full yard of sod in favour of a patio with a bit less foliage. However, the lack of grass will make it easier to tend to your yard, since you’ll have less to cut, water and re-seed. And, every potential home buyer will love the idea of having more outdoor living space, so you can count your grass-removal as a win-win.

5 Practical and Stylish Home Décor Additions You'll Love | UK Lifestyle Blog

5. Light It Up

Finally, no home is complete without a little bit of light — and the right glow can have some seriously transformative power to change the look and feel of your space. During the day, throw back your curtains or open the blinds and see how sunlight makes your room appear airier, brighter and warmer with the sun’s rays.

Once the sun goes down, it’s up to you to provide the right glow. Don’t let overhead bulbs do it, especially if they’re fluorescent or another shade of bright white that feels the exact opposite of cosy. A mix of table and floor lamps with yellowy bulbs will make you feel relaxed and ready to curl up with a book, mug of tea or Netflix, which is just the vibe most homeowners want.

This quintet of ideas is just the beginning of a long list of ways to make your home better on a budget. You can start here, or you might find the low-cost project you want to tackle elsewhere; either way, get started soon so you can finish soon and revel in the results of your labour for years to come. 


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