3 Tips To Feeling Sexy & Instagram-Ready When On An Adventure

Everyday life can be great in its own way, but it also gets seriously dull after a while. We all basically know the solution to this dilemma. Pack your bags, book a holiday in the sun, and head off. Or, at the very least, get out of the house for a while and do something fun, exciting, and unusual to let your spirit free.

The only problem with following your adventures around the world — especially if you’re the type who loves disappearing into the rainforest or the Australian outback, or up a mountain somewhere with a breathtaking view — is that it can be a real trick knowing how to stay sexy when you’re away from, have limited bag space, and can’t get ready at a dressing table.

I’ve learnt a lot on how to tackle greasy hair and looking like I’ve just rolled out of bed, whilst living in a small van traveling around Europe. Here are a few straightforward tips for staying sexy on an adventure.

3 Tips to Feeling Sexy & Instagram-Ready When on an Adventure | UK Lifestyle Blog

Let your accessories do the talking

Accessories is your best friend when you’re travelling light and doing exciting, active things with your time. The reason for this is really simple — jewellery is (usually) really light, really easy to transport, and unless you’re going way overboard, often won’t get in the way of whatever you might be doing on the day.

A stylish pair of silver tragus piercings will allow you to add a bit of glamour and style to any look or outfit, without getting on a tree branch like your biggest pair of hoop earrings like. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t pack your hoop earrings, too. Just pick the right occasion for putting them on.

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Design and discover your action-ready adventure-girl look

If you’re travelling somewhere exotic, to do the kinds of physically demanding sporty activity that your existing wardrobe isn’t well-adapted for, it might be a great occasion for making some choice additions to that wardrobe.

Everyone can think of an “action girl” from film or TV. A lady Indiana Jones, or Lara Croft, if you will. And there’s definitely something cool about being able to go from “sultry vixen in an evening dress” to “adventure-chick” at the drop of a hat, depending on your mood.

Spend a while thinking of outfit choices that will be both practical and also appeal to your stylistic preferences. Think of it as a way of letting your inner action movie heroine out.

Put in your gym-time

Alright, so this is a longer-term strategy, but if you’ve been skipping your gym sessions, the desire to look your best in any situation — even halfway up a mountain — should be a good motivating factor for getting you back down to your Zumba classes.

There isn’t one perfect physical look or build that applies to everyone, but you can be pretty sure that, when it comes to looking your best in any situation, getting yourself into the best possible shape will only help to make that a reality, whatever your dimensions end up being.

Developing a bit of muscle in the right places, and keeping your weight within your ideal range, will help to ensure that you wear every outfit with style.

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