3 Ways 2021 Can Still Be Your Year (Despite The Pandemic!)

We’re at the beginning of February, and admittedly 2021 is not off to the best start. As we face several more weeks of lockdown with little to break the monotony, it’s easy to lose hope for the coming months, and no matter how often we’ve promised ourselves that ‘2021 will be a better year,’ no one wants to jinx it.

Still, there’s promise on the horizon yet. From lockdowns to liberty, vicissitudes to vaccination, these are just three ways that 2021 can still be your year.

3 Ways 2021 Can Still Be Your Year (Despite the Pandemic!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. Prepare for the future

Any ambitions you might have harboured to switch up your career might have fallen a little by the wayside right now, as workers in all industries are faced with a challenging job market. But if you’re still desperate to make a change, use this year as an opportunity to develop and learn new skills in order to set you up for the future ahead.

Formal education is a great way to kickstart a new phase of your career, but for some, its time commitments and inflexibility are prohibitive, especially if you’re juggling a full-time job and family commitments. With a rise in traditional universities relying on remote education, institutions like ARU Distance Learning are ahead of the curve.

Not only are many of their courses 100% online, but they also fully flexible for both part-time and full-time students, making education accessible at any stage of your life, and their degrees can promote progression in your current field or a brand new career in a completely different industry! I actually attained my degree from ARU, so I can vouch for them, personally (unfortunately, my degree certainly wasn’t for free 💸).

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3 Ways 2021 Can Still Be Your Year (Despite the Pandemic!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

2. Make the most of the present

If you’re one of the many with a little extra time on your hands right now, well…you’re certainly not on your own. There’s so much we can’t do right now, although there’s little we wouldn’t give to see the inside of a pub once again.

It’s easy to put pressure on yourself, but remember that 2021 doesn’t have to be productive in order for you to make the most of it, and if you’re able to find any enjoyment, don’t feel guilty – make the most of it!

Catch up with your Netflix watchlist, tuck into a book you’ve been putting off, try your hand at new crafts, or even just put some hours in on your animal crossing village.

3 Ways 2021 Can Still Be Your Year (Despite the Pandemic!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

3. Connect

Right now, many of us feel more disconnected from our loved ones than ever.

But the internet provides us with countless valuable ways to stay in touch, and if you’re not experiencing Zoom fatigue just yet, why not rethink the traditional family gathering?

Templates for pub quizzes and other digital group games can be found online, or alternatively, have everyone stock up on their favourite snacks and tipple and host a reunion with old friends.

Don’t feel especially talkative? Why not host a watch party and catch up together on the latest lockdown TV hits?

We hope these three tips help you enjoy a better, brighter 2021. 

Author: Sam Charles

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