5 Easy Changes To Improve Your Health

Most of us can do more for our health. Finding the time and the motivation is often the hardest challenge. It’s easy to get in a rut. Routines and habits can work for and against us. If you’re looking for some awesome way to improve your health, then we may just have the inspiration you need. Check out these five amazing things you can do to better your health:

5 Easy Changes to Improve Your Health | UK Lifestyle Blog

Daily Swap

Every day, swap one unhealthy snack or side dish for a good one. You may give up your chocolate bar, or that mochaccino. Instead, try a portion of dried fruits and nuts, and a cup of green tea. One swap can go much further than you think. You can even swap the little things. Swap white bread for wholemeal, or your breakfast croissant for cereal. You may find these little swaps lead to bigger things.

Give Up

It’s hard to give things up that we enjoy. It’s even harder to give up things that have become routine. Giving up bad habits is a must, but there’s no need to do it all at once. Working towards giving up things like drinking and smoking can be an excellent step to better health. Set yourself a goal that identifies your stop date. Little by little, you can make those small changes that mean you achieve your goal on time.

Cut Down

Cutting down on your portion sizes can also go a long way toward improving your health. Most of us wish we could lose a little weight from time to time, and this is a great way to achieve it. Buy new plates if you struggle to identify good portion sizes. Choose a smaller sized dinner plate to help you reduce the food that fits on it. Most food labels will tell you how much a portion is. Take the time to weigh out those amounts to help you keep track of what you need.

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Clinical Trials

Long term illnesses can affect far more than our health. Living with a difficult condition can depress the mood, and limit our enjoyment of life. Clinical trials are one way you could be more proactive in finding a treatment to reduce your symptoms. Participating means you can help identify if a new medication is effective. Your support helps others suffering from your condition too.

Car-Free Day

Choose one day of the week when you can commit to leaving the car on the driveway. You can then choose how to get to work, the shops, or the kids to school. Bicycles, buses, and even walking are great alternatives. All of them will increase your activity level far above what you may have achieved taking the car. Have some good all-weather wear available so you can do this week after week, whatever the weather.

Sometimes, the little things can be very effective. And sometimes they can lead to even bigger changes in your life. Together they add up to benefit your health and general well-being. See what you can do today for better health tomorrow.


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  • certainly had to do my fair share of the ‘giving up’ post xmas, realised how much rubbish i was eating/drinking