5 Tips For Decorating And Furnishing a Tiny House

Decorating a smaller home can be a bit of a challenge. For best results, you’ll want to take advantage of every square inch you have available – and that often means creating an illusion of space where there isn’t much of it! Let’s look at five tips that’ll help you to get the most from your home, however small it might be.

5 Tips for Decorating and Furnishing a Tiny House | UK Lifestyle Blog

Choose the Right Windows

The more natural light that comes into your home, the more spacious it’ll appear. That means that you should choose windows and skylights that are appropriately large, but also that allow the most light through.

Some sorts of windows come with special reflective coatings, which effectively apply a tint to the window itself. Avoid these. You should also make a priority of properly dressing your windows: big, heavy curtains will stop light from entering, even when they’re fully drawn. Go for lightweight blinds from a reputable company like Swift Direct Blinds.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors serve two functions in a smaller home: they create the illusion that the walls are further away. After all, when you see the reflection of the wall behind you in the mirror on the other side of the room, you’re effectively looking across a space that’s twice as large. Secondly, mirrors help to distribute natural light throughout the home in the same way as larger windows might.

Choose Neutral Colours

A bold, brash choice of colour can make a statement. But in a smaller space, it’s easy for this statement to become overwhelming. The same traditionally applies to darker colours. Instead, keep things relaxed with more neutral tones. That way, the walls will reflect the natural shade of sunlight (and they’ll feel that little bit further away, as a consequence).

Be Smart About Storage

Your home isn’t just a place for you to live – it’s also where you’ll store all of your possessions. In a smaller home, you’ll need to leverage every bit of space if you’re going to prevent your stuff from intruding onto your living areas, and ultimately making your home feel smaller.

This might mean installing built-in wardrobes and bookshelves, especially in those awkward spaces where staircases and roofs might restrict the available storage area. But the big difference often comes with finding smaller storage areas throughout the home. Think about spaces on top of wardrobes, and underneath beds.

Put Functionality First

Overcrowding a small space can create clutter, and make your home stressful to navigate. This applies especially in kitchens and lounge areas, where you spend most of your time. Work out which appliances and furniture you need, and work out how you’re going to be using them.

Then come up with a plan to decorate the rest of the room. Putting multiple large items in a space that’s too small can quickly make the room look overwhelming. For example, a massive fridge, a range cooker, and a double-sink can easily dominate a smaller kitchen space. A pared-down setup will help to combat this tendency.

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