6 Environmentally-Friendly Ways Prep Your Property For Winter

The summer season is coming to an end (you know it’s near when you begin seeing Halloween advertisements). It’s when everyone starts tweaking their property to ensure they are ready for the chillier seasons. I’ve just bought some new duck slippers, they’re adorable 🐥 Too soon? Maybe… But once the temperatures drop and the rain starts to fall, you will want to quickly escape the cold, wet weather to enjoy the warmth of your home.

We’re really lucky that we live in a new-build so we don’t have to worry too much about the cold but I’m it makes fiscal and environmental sense to be mindful of your energy consumption. Not to mention, we don’t want to worry about suddenly having any hot water or heating outages over the winter period. Here are 6 ways you can stay warm without wasting money and impacting the environment.

6 Environmentally-Friendly Ways Prep Your Property for Winter | UK Lifestyle Blog

Ensure Your Boiler is Serviced

A boiler servicing will not only prolong its lifespan and will help to keep your warranty intact, but it can also catch potential faults in a system to avoid experiencing no heating or hot water during autumn and winter. An annual servicing will ultimately allow a heating engineer to fix underlying problems before it becomes a problem.

Install New Radiators

New radiators could make a big difference to your home’s temperature and household bills. For example, Warmrooms provide attractive and reliable Eskimo radiators that are manufactured from aluminium, which can improve heat output while using a low water content. Plus, the stylish designs can complement most interior styles and tastes, so your home will be warm and inviting this winter.

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Lag Your Home’s Pipes

To prevent your pipes from experiencing heat loss, you should lag them with foam insulation tubes. All you will need to do is slip them over the pipes, which can also prevent them from becoming too cold and bursting during freezing winter temperatures. It can avoid a troublesome plumbing issue while helping to save money on your energy bills.

6 Environmentally-Friendly Ways Prep Your Property for Winter | UK Lifestyle Blog

Insulate Your Loft

If you have yet to do so, make 2019 the year you insulate your loft, which can prevent heat from escaping from your home during the bitterly cold months. It will ensure you and your family are warm and snug, even if it is raining or snowing outside, and it could also save you money on your energy bills throughout the years.

Keep Draughts at Bay

Cold winter breezes can quickly slip through various nooks and crannies throughout your property. For example, they can seep in from under your doors or any cracks in your windows. To ensure you don’t allow the temperature to drop in your home, you should seal these unwanted gaps with a self-adhesive draught strip. You also should invest in a draught excluder to prevent the cold from entering underneath your doors.

Switch to a More Affordable Energy Supplier

As you will likely be cranking up the heating come autumn and winter, you will want to decrease your energy bills as much as possible. It is, therefore, wise to thoroughly research different suppliers before the colder seasons arrive, which will ensure your money goes further when increasing your home’s temperature. You will experience no disruption to the service when switching energy companies, and the only change will be paying a different provider.

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6 Environmentally-Friendly Ways Prep Your Property for Winter | UK Lifestyle Blog

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