9 Reasons I Love The South Of France

Paris kind of has a monopoly on tourism in France. Of course, there are other areas to travel, but the majority of tourists go to the capital first. What you are about to read goes against conventional wisdom, and it is a big decision. But, it is also a great way to enjoy the country as a whole – forget about Paris.

What? Forget about Paris? But, Paris is the jewel in the crown! True, the capital is an amazing place to visit, yet it isn’t the only place. Instead of the Parisian sights, it is time to mix it up and head further south.

Yes, it is time to go to the South of France. Now, if you are still in shock about missing out Paris, you probably want to know why you should go to the South instead. If that is the case, here are ten foolproof reasons that will instantly make you feel better about your decision.

9 Reasons I love the South of France | UK Lifestyle Blog
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The weather is incredible

France often gets mixed up with other countries when it comes to the weather. Yes, the weather in the whole of the country is quite nice during spring and summer. But, it can get quite nasty during the autumn and winter months. After all, the North experiences the same weather pattern as parts of the UK. And, everyone knows how bad the weather gets in England!

The South of France is different because it is mainland Europe, and on line with Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Spain. That means the weather is good all year around. In fact, you could cook an egg in the heat during the summer if that is your thing!

…and the beach aren’t bad either

What is the point of good weather is there is no place to enjoy the sun? You might get a suntan, but you will also get sunstroke if you walk around all day! No, what you need is a place to lounge around and let the rays soak into your skin. And, places such as Cannes and Toulouse have some of the nicest beaches on the planet.

The sand is golden brown and the sea crystal blue, which is all you need from a beach. But, the fun doesn’t stop there because of the amazing scenery. The cliffs and coastline surround the beaches, making them some of the most beautiful spots in Europe. Just imagine all that with a cocktail in your hand. Bliss!

French food is THE BEST!

And it doesn’t come much better than in the South. What is great about food in the South is the mix between French cuisine and the surrounding areas. The Italian and Spanish food is as good as you will find in the respective countries. Plus, the French food is unbelievable. There is nothing like walking down the beach eating a fresh piece of bread from the bakery. That could be you if you decide to book.

It’s luxurious, darling!

The fact that the area is full of luxury might out a lot of people off the place. After all, luxury means spending a lot of money. But, don’t see this as a negative – see it is a positive. How often can you go away and surround yourself with luxury? The answer is not often because life doesn’t play out like the movies. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should go your entire life without treating you and the family to a nice holiday.

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Life is too short to work all day, and some days you have to go out and play. Instead of worrying about the money, save up enough to have a good time. It might be the only chance you get to mix it with the rich and famous.

There’s some swoon-worthy places to stay

Speaking of luxury, accommodation doesn’t come more luxurious than in the South of France. Your digs will make or break your holiday, especially if you want all the trimmings. When you go to certain holiday destinations, you can fall into the trap of booking a bad hotel or apartment complex. Not in the South of France because they don’t exist.

Seriously, one trip will have you searching for luxury property in Cannes before you touch back down at the airport. Don’t worry about your accommodation options as they are solid all across the board. The only thing you have to do is sort out the affordable ones from the not so affordable.

Cannes – need I say more?

There aren’t too many places where you can go where one place dominates the landscape. Often, you travel to get a sense of the area and every town and city, not just one. That isn’t the case with the South of France as everyone heads for Cannes. They do it for a handful of reasons, all of them as legitimate as the next.

For starters, there is the Film Festival if you are lucky enough to get a ticket. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to go celeb-spotting. But, more often than not, there is the chance to see the hype. Cannes is one of the most in-demand places in the world, so you should check it out just for the fuss.

Celeb watch

It is no secret that a host of celebrities visits the area for a vacation at least two or three times a year. Now, that might not interest you if you aren’t into the rollercoaster of celebrity life. However, if you are, it is the perfect place to go for a holiday. The odds that you will spot one of your icons on a yacht or at the same restaurant are high. And, even if you don’t speak to them, it is always nice to be in their presence. After all, they are people that you love and admire. There aren’t many places where the rich and famous mix with the common folk, but the South of France is one.

Excuse for a road trip

You would associate all of the above with the area, but you might not associate this one. That’s because road trips are for trips to America or Australia for some strange reasons. Both of these countries are amazing places for a road trip, but so is the South of France. The area is moderately sized, which means you can reach lots of towns in a short time. Then, you can take in as much as the South as you can in your timeframe.

The same goes for the countries that border France. If you please, you can pop into Spain or Italy without too much fuss. But, the main reason has to be the roads. The roads climb through the hills and the mountains and make them unmissable. Any person that has a car and doesn’t sample the area is missing out big time.

It’s not far from Paris..

Okay, maybe you can’t go to France without sampling the Louvre and The Eiffel Tower. But, you don’t have to because you can drive there in a couple of hours. Or, you can book a flight and land in the capital just an hour and twenty-five minutes later.

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The thing to remember is that France is a relatively small country, like most countries in Europe. It might be bigger than the UK, but that doesn’t change the flight times.  Most places in the country are only one or two hours away at the most.

France is a great place to visit in general, but the South is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable.

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  • Hi Sam, I love this post and totally agree that the south of France is beautiful and a fabulous place to enjoy a road trip… We have travelled around the south of France on many occasions both in the summer and winter months. I am a huge fan of France and all things French.I recently visited Paris, we had a great time, however the south is by far my favourite location, with its outstanding natural beauty.