Elements I’m Prioritising In My 2016 Home Upgrade

It’s that time of year again when millions of us will start to think about the various home improvements that can be made over the coming months. But with so many ideas swirling around your head, knowing where to begin can feel like an impossible task.

However, the key is to take a mature approach. Try to combine the needs of your family and the financial aspects of your biggest asset. When you get this balance right, it can only bring positive results. Here are the best ways to ensure you strike the perfect note.

Elements I'm prioritising in my 2016 home upgrade | UK Lifestyle Blog


The main purpose of upgrading your property is to make it feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, you’ll never feel relaxed if the home feels vulnerable. Therefore, upgrading your security facilities is vital.

Adding CCTV and advanced alarm systems will help. However, the most important aspect is that doors and windows prohibit unwanted access. Calling a locksmith to improve your current facilities can make a world of difference to the overall feeling of security.

As well as keeping your assets safe, you’ll be protecting the family too. If that doesn’t give you an added peace of mind at home, nothing will.


Everybody dreams of having a bigger home. However, converting the attic isn’t cheap and moving home is even more expensive. Nevertheless, there are ways to create the illusion of greater space. Using lighting in a more effective manner has to be one of the best options available.

You can convert any room by improving the lighting conditions. This will instantly brighten up your home, creating a far happier atmosphere in the process. Combine this with an organised layout and regular cleaning to ensure that the impact lasts forever.


We’re all tempted to make big investments on the latest technology. But before worrying about those new additions, you should concentrate on fixing existing problems.

Poor insulation or leaking pipework can be costing you a lot of money through increased bills. More importantly, leaving those issues to worsen could end up costing you thousands in repair work. The internet is a great resource for gaining tips on basic repair jobs. Completing those tasks will improve the way you feel about the entire property.

Similarly, fixing broken appliances will claw back valuable hours throughout the week. This will afford you more time to enjoy the home and the people in it.


The entire property is important to you, and you should be allowed to enjoy it fully. However, you cannot overlook the fact that you spent more time sleeping than any other daily ritual. Therefore, it’s imperative that you alter the bedroom to encourage added comfort. Finding the best mattress for your needs should be top of the agenda.

There are other tricks, like soft background music and darker curtains that can boost your sleep. Ultimately, a greater quality of sleep will improve your energy levels, mood and physical appearance. You deserve to sleep like a king. Make sure that you have a bed good enough for royalty, and you should be just fine.

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