How I Got Back On My Feet After Injurying Myself Running

If you’re an active person (like me), there’s nothing worse than sitting on the sidelines! After an injury, you’re out of the game for weeks or even months. For me, exercise and sport is my release. It’s the only way to unwind, and get my energy and frustrations out.

Sitting on the sofa, and wallowing in sadness wearing a cast is not my idea of fun. But, everyone who does sports knows this pain. It’s tough, but you’ve got to sit it out, and wait for things to heal. I felt like just a potato sitting on the sofa doing nothing after I hurt my knee whilst training for my half marathon. But here’s how I got over it:

How I got back on my feet after injurying myself running | UK Lifestyle Blog

  1. Keep eating well

Even though your body is out of action, it will still respond to a good diet. In fact, a good diet will help speed up your recovery. Lots of protein and calcium will help repair broken bones. Fresh fruit and vegetables will boost your immune system, and give you energy. Best of all, it will keep your mood up, so you don’t fall into a well of despair! Let us not forget that you won’t be as active, so loading up on junk food is going to cause twice the damage. Stick to your five a day, and embrace all the protein you can get.

  1. Enjoy the rest

It might sound tough, but try to enjoy the rest period. Most importantly, listen to your doctor. As difficult as it is to rest up for six weeks, the doctor knows best. By rushing back to your favourite activity, you could make things worse, and extend the injury time and run the risk of having to deal with a personal injury lawyer. Take the time to get stuck into your favourite books. Or binge watch your favourite series on Netflix. Use this time off effectively, and try to avoid dwelling on your injury.

  1. Start doing some small movements
😱➡️  Training for a half marathon

When you feel ready, you can begin to make some small movements. If you’re not feeling confident about this, try speaking to a physiotherapist. They’ll give you the best advice on how to get your injured body moving again. Start with some simple stretches. A little morning yoga will help get those muscles moving, and bring your joints back to life. Listen to your body, and don’t push your muscles further than you need to!

  1. Get some financial help

Sometimes, an injury can cause more than just bodily damage. The financial implications can quickly dawn on you too, and weigh heavy on your mind. The time off work could lead to loss of earnings. The cost of health care can add up quickly too. It might be worth speaking to personal injury solicitors to find out if you’re entitled to some help. An extra pot of money might just ease the emotional strain.

  1. Keep your mind busy

Last of all, try to keep your mind busy. If you’re like me, you love constant challenges! It’s why exercise and sport is so important to us. Unfortunately, you’ll just have to find another way to challenge yourself during your downtime. Write stories, do the crossword puzzle, or read new books. Anything that keeps you busy is a bonus!

Don’t worry, it will all be over soon, and you can get back on the track!

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  • Oh no, poor you. Although I’m not a massive sports fan I’m the kind of person who likes to zip around here there and everywhere. I don’t walk up the stairs, I run up them! I’m that kind of person, although currently 39 weeks pregnant so having to go at a snails pace at the mo. I feel your pain love. Hope you feel better soon. x