How To Achieve a Modern-meets-traditional Living Room Style

If you opt for an ultra-modern style in your living room, you may find you have created something that is extremely trendy for several days before it goes plummeting out of fashion, leaving your space looking far more dated than it might have if you’d opted for styles that had been in fashion for decades. Creating a traditional living room on the other hand will allow you to utilise looks that have stayed in style year after year and that will in turn help ensure your living room stays looking great long after the current fashion season has ended.

How to achieve a modern-meets-traditional living room style | UK Lifestyle Blog

That said, if you want something a little bit different to create a unique space that is all you, you may struggle to find it when playing it safe with traditional styles. As such, it may well be that blending modern and traditional looks is the best way to liven things up and give those tried and tested styles their own unique twist.

But how can you create a modern-meets-traditional living room space – and by doing so do you risk being a style victim when modern tastes starts to change?

Adapt your furniture

Utilising new furniture will be one of the easiest ways to inject some modern style into a traditional space. Not only will it allow you maximise scope when working with your space, but sourcing modern furniture will also enable you to more easily update your room if you do find that it one day starts to look outdated. By looking at items that complement your current room whilst thrusting it into modern day, you will be able to set a very modern tone that can be adapted easily as trends change.

Use art

Art is something that can look at home in any surroundings. As such, modern art will not appear incongruous in a traditional setting. By injecting some very current artistic styles into your living room you can quickly shake up the style of the space and create something that treads the line of modern and traditional perfectly.

How to achieve a modern-meets-traditional living room style | UK Lifestyle Blog

Consider a wood burner

Radiators are so last year. Today’s trend is to replace these archaic heating devices with a wood burner, yet whilst such an addition is very much ‘now’, it is also one that will work perfectly in a traditional setting. After all, rustic fires are very much the original source of heating for the home, and whilst modern wood burners may be very different from an inefficient open hearth, and whilst they may look extremely new and attractive, they will very much fit in with any traditional style you have chosen for your living room.

Looking at the choices offered by companies such as Woodburner Warehouse should allow you to find a solution that is perfectly modern yet feels like a time-honoured home addition at the very same time.

Take your time

You don’t have to modernise a traditional living room all in one go. In fact, making small changes over time will help you to ensure that you don’t leave your living space fixed in one particular era. Additions such as bold fabrics, contemporary tables or modern rugs could be made gradually to give your home a more natural feel. The key will be to accent your traditional space with modern touches rather than trying to simply create a room that is half one thing and half another.

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