Booking a Holiday To Iceland

Yesterday I had no intention on going on holiday during 2014,  now I’m going Dublin, Iceland and potentially a girly week in France. I’ve been saving non-stop recently in an effort to buy my first house, but after a few properties falling through along, some sleepless nights and a lot of tears, it was time to give myself a break!

I went for a food on the pier with a friend during my lunch break yesterday and she was telling me about how she’d been looking at holiday packages online for her and her boyfriend. She mentioned about going on a girly holiday but how she decided that she wanted some quality time with her man. After hearing about her cheap deals, it planted a seed in my mind and I had my evening set that night.

I’ve recently been thinking about wanting to go to one of the Nordic countries, especially Iceland. There was a few things, including but not limited to; catching a glimpse of the northern lights, visiting the Blue Lagoon and seeing the beautiful scenery. I went online just to get a feel for prices, as I have a friend from Norway I knew it wasn’t cheap. However, pleasantly surprised I soon found a package to die for.

Booking a holiday to Iceland | UK Lifestyle Blog

I asked my lovely friend Lauren if she wanted to go on an adventure, and sure enough – she did! Next thing I knew, we were booking a holiday in Iceland! We went with a package that included a couple excursions then added another trip (because we just couldn’t resist).

The package includes return flights between UK and Iceland, accommodation in a standard room for 3 nights, breakfast included with the hotel, return transfers to the Blue Lagoon with pick up from hotel, admission to the Blue Lagoon with complimentary upgrade to Blue Lagoon Comfort Experience (includes use of towel and robe during visit, one drink of your choice, skin care gift card, choice of Volcano Scrub, or Mud Mask treatment) and Northern Lights Boat Tour booked on the evening after arrival.

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Booking a holiday to Iceland | UK Lifestyle Blog

It was difficult to decide what to do on the last day that we had left in Iceland because they all looked great, but we opted to go on a glacier walk, less than two hours drive from Reykjavík is Eyjafjallajökull glacier, and just a little further the Sólheimajökull glacier tongue extends down from Mýrdalsjökull.

Here’s to counting down the days until my adventure begins!

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