Banish These Hidden Hazards From Your Home

We all like to think that our homes are a safe haven; the one place where we can truly feel safe, secure and relaxed. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, and there are numerous hidden hazards which could be causing us to get sick at any given moment.

Here are some of the most common hidden hazards, which if found in your home, you should take measures to get rid of as soon as possible:

Banish These Hidden Hazards from Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

E.coli and Salmonella

These bacteria are responsible for food poisoning, which means that they really do not have any place in the home – not unless you enjoy spending most of your time on the toilet/vomiting anyway – but they can commonly be found on kitchen countertops, in fridges and on the surface of common kitchen appliances.

The good news is it’s pretty easy to avoid/get rid of these nasties and maintain good health. Simply make sure that you wash your hands before handling food, that you chop raw meat and fish on a separate board from the one you use to prepare other foods, and that you thoroughly clean the kitchen regularly after use.


Asbestos was commonly used in the building of older home due to its fireproof qualities, which seemed to make it a safe, sensible, choice. Since then, it has been found that asbestos is pretty dangerous and it can cause serious lung conditions, including cancer.

If your home was purchased before 1980 and you haven’t already, it is probably a good idea to check the place for asbestos, and perhaps even have asbestos surveyors check it out if you think it might be present. Getting rid of this material should be a priority if you want to live in a healthy home.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer; it has no smell or taste, which means that it can start entering your system and making you very sick without you noticing it, at least not for a while, Unfortunately, some people never do notice it, and they end up seriously ill or even dead as a result! That’s why you should have carbon monoxide detectors fitted in your home, and why you should have your boiler serviced at least once a year. That way, you can catch any leaks before they catch you. It simply is not worth the risk!


You might think that mould is unsightly, smelly and not something you want in your home, but if you haven’t taken immediate action to remove it once spotted, you could be putting your health at risk! Mould, especially the black variety can play havoc with existing conditions like asthma, and it can cause nasal, sinus and lung conditions in previously healthy individuals. It is something that should be dealt with very swiftly.

If you find any of these things in your home, or you think you could be doing anything to make them manifest, then it is time to take action. Your home should be safe, and it will be once these problems are dealt with.

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