How I’m Beating The January Blues (and You Can Too!) #BerghausSilverLiningSunday

Did you know that today is Blue Monday? It’s been coined the most depressing day of the year, how horrific is that? 😭 I guess after the excitement of Christmas, it’s only natural there will be a lull in the coming weeks. I’m a self-confessed workaholic but I’ve found it quite difficult to motivate myself and get back in the groove of running my business. It’s too easy to curl up next to the fire and binge-watch series on Netflix, isn’t it?!

Becoming a coach potato isn’t what I had planned for 2018, so whether I liked it or not, it was time to shift my bum. With our wedding just next year, we’re on a mission to get fit! Intense exercising needs to take a backseat for the next couple of months though, as I’m having a lot of tattoo work done and this would interfer with the healing process. However, my fiancé and I have decided to take a calm approach to our new lifestyle and do more walking; our little Jack Russel, Alfie is very happy about this.

How I'm Beating the January Blues (and You Can Too!) #BerghausSilverLiningSunday | UK Lifestyle Blog

Getting involved #BerghausSilverLiningSunday

This all came at the perfect time, as I’d just heard that Berghaus launched the #BerghausSilverLiningSunday campaign. The challenge inspires the nation to set the week up in the best way possible by getting outdoors and to reap the mental and physical rewards. We were SO pumped to get involved because feeling the January blues was something I could definitely relate to. I figured my post could maybe inspire somebody else to get outside, too.

It was a pretty good excuse to swoon over some Berghaus coats from their outerwear range online, too. I’ve always been a fan of the brand, as they’re pretty popular in the adventure community. They perfectly combine style and function to deliver premium outdoor wear. I opted for the women’s Ridgemaster waterproof jacket in black (as tempting as it was to go for the blue) because it’s this year-round coat serves as a wardrobe staple.

Ridgemaster Waterproof Jacket Review

How I'm Beating the January Blues (and You Can Too!) #BerghausSilverLiningSunday | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’ve never owned any GORE-TEX® outerwear before which is something I could certainly have done with during our mountain climbs. The fabric and storm level construction offers waterproof protection and it’s designed to keep you feeling comfortably cool and fresh however hard you work thanks to it also being totally breathable. There are neat little pockets located on the inside of the jacket. Goodbye soggy maps and waterlogged phones! This jacket will undoubtedly be packed in our hiking bags in the coming months.

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One of my favourite things about this coat is the fully adjustable hood. This probably sounds like a small victory when choosing waterproofs but I can’t begin to describe how much of a difference a well-fitted hood makes when you’re hiking. If I had a pound of every time I felt like I was going to lose a hand to frostbite because I’ve been holding up my hood whilst trekking up a mountain, I’d be a very wealthy lady.

Despite the weather forecast showing rain for the next 10 days (it’s really no surprise they call it Blue Monday, am I right?), we actually had beautiful weather during our walk yesterday. Clear skies and zero rainfall meant I didn’t have the chance to see how the jacket held up in bad weather but I’m not complaining. As pictured in the featured image, you can see a little compartment in the hood though, ideal for more waterproof storage.

How I'm Beating the January Blues (and You Can Too!) #BerghausSilverLiningSunday | UK Lifestyle Blog

We banished our January blues by going on a coastal walk with Alfie. It was a little windy and very muddy but the uninterrupted views of the beaches made it worthwhile. This was the best way to spend Sunday. As I’m writing this post, I’m curled up with my fiancé and Alfie the dog – feeling wonderful and ready to face the week 🌿

Saying goodbye to those January Blues

Business is booming right now and assessment period is coming up, this is evidence that no matter how chaotic your life is, you’re never too busy to dedicate time to yourself. Leave behind your busy life just for a couple of hours and soak up what nature offers – it won’t cost you a dime. You owe yourself that time and space to think and reflect. Without this, you’ll burn out, making you more unproductive and left feeling worse.

Get outside in the daylight and you’ll feel 100% better – I promise! If not, just remember it’s completely normal to feel low and lack energy in the darker months. Remember to eat healthily and try and squeeze in some exercise, if you can. It’ll make you feel so much better than sitting on the sofa and watching House of Cards, believe me.

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How I'm Beating the January Blues (and You Can Too!) #BerghausSilverLiningSunday | UK Lifestyle Blog

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