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This weekend I’ve been Christmas shopping and wrapping presents, in preparation for the big day! I’ve put together my Beauty Box Swap gift for Row Bow and the package is now on her way to her.

For those of you that don’t know what a Beauty Box Swap is I have put the basic steps involved below 🙂

  • You decide you want to to be part of it and let the person organising it know.
  • The person organising it will pair you with another blogger and it is then up to you to email/message that person to get to know them a bit and to get to know what they like.
  • You then get to choose some lovely things to send to the blogger you have been paid with up to the price limit agreed.
  • Once you have everything you want to send, you package it up (you don’t have to send it in a box, I just think its a nice touch, I used a Glossybox when I took part in one before).
  • The you post it to the blogger you have been paired with.
  • The person organising the Beauty Box Swap will usually tell you a date when you should aim to have sent your box by and the price limit, although if you want to agree to change this with the blogger you are paired with you can.

Beauty Box Swap | UK Lifestyle Blog

The lovely Nyss paired beauty bloggers across the UK together to swap a box of goodies to go under the Christmas tree. We had a limit of £15 to surprise our fellow blogger with, and then blog about it afterwards. This is the first time I’ve done a box swap, and I’m so excited! I won’t say too much, just in case I ruin the surprise.. Stay tuned for a post about what Row Bow sent me this Christmas!

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