Lavender Champagne Cocktail Recipe And Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with the lovely Naked Wines to offer my readers the chance to win delightful box of bubbles together that will have you dancing the night away. The ‘Let’s Get Fizzy With It’ wine selection is a wonderful gem of a case, has a fabulous GOLD medal-winning Prosecco, a delicious rose fizz and a classic frizzante – making it the perfectly self-indulgent case for those who want to spoil themselves but keep the right side of the bank manager at the same time.

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Lavender Champagne Cocktail Recipe and Giveaway | UK Lifestyle BlogMas Sardana Cava-NV by Franck Massard

Wooooohoooooo! Stand down the troops, call off the dogs, stop the search, it is finally here. Our very first Naked Cava – and it’s from one of our best wine partners, Frank, who was right under our noses all along. Weird or what? But now the search is over (a mere 3 years later!) and we couldn’t be prouder of the grapey, apple laden fist of fizziness that this delicious Cava punches out with every mouthful. Best of all Angels get it a ridiculously low price, allowing them to splash out on a little hot-smoked salmon alongside it.

Sacchetto Rose Brut NV by Paolo Sacchetto

Spectacular aperitif sparkler made by Paolo Sacchetto in the Veneto region of Italy – the perfect climate for making top fizz. This is the kind of rose for those who like lots of flavour from their pinks and don’t mind being bold about it. Ripe red cherry fruit flavours, combine with clotted cream to give a full-on, no prisoners taken style of fizz with an awful lot of character shining through. Less than a third of the cost of a decent bottle of pink Champagne, but oh so much better made, better tasting and, well, better…

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Sacchetto Prosecco NV by Paolo Sacchetto

It’s difficult to find a winemaker that labours as long and as caringly over his wine babies as does our Paolo, but then that’s why we love him so damn much. This is pure, unadulterated classic no-nonsense Prosecco. There’s a slice of pear, chunk of apple and spot of peach all working together in perfect fruity harmony, combined with small delicate bubbles and a wonderful long, creamy finish. We can, hand on heart, say we reckon this is one of the best value fizzes we do – and fortunately 91% of our angels who’ve tasted it agree!

Lavender Champagne Cocktail Recipe and Giveaway | UK Lifestyle BlogAntoine Simoneau Sparkling Brut Rose NV by Carine Simoneau

Antoine and Sebastien are some of the Loire’s most respected producers of fizz, and this, their Touraine sparkler, is clear evidence of that. A light frothy glass of rose, this nevertheless has the elegance and sophistication that you would expect from further up in France, ie Champagne, but at a fraction of the price. All strawberries and ripe red apples on the palate, it has a beautifully creamy finish and lovely zippy crispness to it. Ideal for kicking off a party, but just as good for spoiling yourself whilst tucking into a big fat slice of chocolate cake. So versatile!

Casa L’Angel Sparkling 2011 by Jorge Caus-Pertegaz

This sparkling sweetie is Jorge’s take on Moscato d’Asti, after an inspirational trip to Italy. And lower in alcohol and lighter on the liver means you can drink more of it, especially at this price! The perfect aperitif and ice breaker when those dreaded in-laws/outlaws come calling.

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Prosecco Spumante Borgo di Sassi by Alessandro Botter

Being a big producer, Alessandro has access to some amazing parcels of grapes. This Prosecco is his pride and joy.It’s a stonking match with seafood. And at pretty much less than half the price of a bottle of traditional Champagne it’s top value.To give you an idea of how insanely good it is, we’re looking around the office and we can see more empty bottles of it than modesty allows us to admit.
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