The Best Custom Shoe Designers In The World

It’s been said that shoes make the man (or woman). As such, there’s no reason to just go around wearing the same old shoes that any average Joe off the street can wear. When it comes to shoes, those who are serious about fashion know that there’s no substitute for custom shoe designs from the world’s top designers.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a high end designer of women’s shoes for all occasions. His coveted and expensive shoes include heels, flats, platforms, wedges, boots, and special occasion shoes. They are regularly modelled on runway shoes and sold in high-dollar boutiques. Notable for his playful patterns and creative use of colour, Louboutin and his shoes are a must-have for the fashion-conscious.

The Best Custom Shoe Designers in the World | UK Lifestyle Blog

LeBron James

Basketball and fashion don’t typically go hand in hand, but famed American basketball player Lebron James is working to change all that. He has partnered with such famed shoe designers as Nike, Puma, and New Balance to create a brand new line of sneakers known as Perfectly Made Kicks, or as American fans fondly refer to them, PMKs. And, even though these shoes are just plain sneakers, they go for big bucks at local retailers across the globe.


ManoloBlahnik’s practical but fashionable line of shoes, especially women’s shoes, caught the attention of the fashion world early on. It wasn’t until the shoes were showcased on famed American show “Sex and the City,” however, that they became a huge deal and a major must-have among women.

The Best Custom Shoe Designers in the World | UK Lifestyle Blog

They first became popular in the big cities, but are now a staple for fashion gurus the world over. The line-up features everything from sexy kitten heels to practical office-woman flats and is known for its insanely high prices- which people still gladly fork over for a chance to wear a pair of shoes from this famed and respected designer.

With so many great shoes and shoe designers, it’s hard to determine who the best designer is out there. Really, it’s all a matter of personal preference and taste, but no matter what kind of shoes you like, rest assured that there’s a stellar designer out there just waiting for you to discover him/her.

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