How To Combat The Bathroom Decor Dilemma

Decorating the bathroom is a seemingly never-ending job, with paint peeling or faking, mould and mildew growing from even the smallest crack or crevice and even wooden panelling subject to the vagaries of time. The most commonly mentioned bathroom dilemma is keeping the bathroom looking good all year round, no matter how much use it is subjected to: here is how!

How to Combat the Bathroom Decor Dilemma | UK Lifestyle Blog

The first solution is to use cheaper products and be prepared to repaint the bathroom at least once a year. This is time-consuming and does actually become expensive, even if you do use cheaper products – which often do not look as nice as could be hoped.

Another solution is to use expensive, watertight products and include mould and mildew prevention treatments as part of your decorating schedule and your daily or weekly cleaning schedule. While this works well in the main, walls, skirting boards and window frames can all start to show the signs of frequent cleaning, with scuff marks and scratches appearing stealthily and your expensive paint or wallpaper treatment rapidly beginning to lose its polish.

Obviously, the installation of an extractor fan is a must in any country where the windows cannot be left open year round, in order to whisk all the steamy damp from the room where it can cause mould and mildew to take hold. Opt for a professional installation, if possible, as this will mean that the fan is properly fitted, correctly tested and working and unlikely to allow too much of a chill breeze to creep into the bathroom.
A modern solution, and one that ticks all the boxes is the use of Lustrolite Wall Panels from My Bathrooms in your bathroom.

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How to Combat the Bathroom Decor Dilemma | UK Lifestyle Blog

These high gloss acrylic panels look like expensive glass, and are simply amazing in the bathroom. You will be able to fit the panels into every possible bathroom, using the various shapes and sizes to cover all your exposed surfaces. Once in place and firmly snugged against the wall, you will have a durable and extremely hard-wearing surface, one that is resistant to the formation of mould and mildew and one that can be simply and easily wiped clean. Lustrolite is available in a wealth of colours too, meaning that you will be able to find the perfect solution for your bathroom decorating dilemmas! Go online and see how Lustrolite can work in your bathroom!

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