Can a Fitness App Be An Ultimate Guide To Weight Loss?

Losing weight and working towards a toned body requires a great deal of hard work, will-power and sacrifice. While many people start their health and fitness regimes with the best of intentions, the difficulties of real life often get in the way.

Some people turn to professionals for the help they need, which is an effective yet expensive solution. But many of the services provided by personal trainers, lifestyle gurus and nutritionists can be delivered by a single fitness app.

Help with motivation

One of the biggest challenges facing people on weight loss programs involves motivation. The first two or three weeks are often relatively easy, but getting up early every morning or using a lunch hour at work to exercise can become tedious over time. Losing weight permanently requires lasting lifestyle changes, but you may need a little added motivation at times.

Downloading a Kiqplan fitness app, for instance, will allow you to set small goals during your journey to your ultimate goal of achieving your target weight. You are given performance badges and much-needed recognition when you meet your daily and weekly goals. And when you fall a little short, you’re given practical advice on how to turn things around. This type of motivation is provided by personal trainers, but at a significant and recurring price.

Can a Fitness App Be an Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss? | UK Lifestyle Blog

Help with dietary choices

Most weight loss experts will tell you that the most important thing you can do in your attempts to lose weight is to closely manage your diet, and more specifically, your calorie intake. Eating enough to fuel your body for strenuous workouts without over-eating is a delicate balancing act.

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Managing your diet during a weight loss programme requires forward planning, which is something a fitness app will do for you. The latest apps will track your net calorie consumption, and send you tasty and nutritious recipes that will give you just the right amount of energy you need – but no more.

Help with effective workout routines

Anyone can exercise, but sustained weight loss requires effective workouts that burn fat and tone key muscle groups. Personal trainers will give you one-to-one guidance on exercising effectively, but this will come at a significant daily, weekly or monthly charge.


With the one-off purchase of a fitness app, you can get this expert advice via a mobile device whenever you need it. Weight loss apps deliver workout instructions and videos based on your progress and your current level of fitness.

Help with lifestyle choices

If you are going to maintain your weight in the long term, you may need to assess your general lifestyle. Whether this pertains to smoking, sleeping, working conditions, eating habits or your stress levels, an all-encompassing approach to lifestyle choices is required in order to achieve the long-lasting results you’re striving for.

A fitness app can give you lifestyle advice and practical tips that could make a difference to your overall well-being. Many of these tips will help you long after you have achieved your weight loss goal.

Help with getting quality sleep

There are several reasons why sleep is important to your overall health. You won’t be able to exercise effectively without enough rest, and research has shown that a lack of sleep can increase your stress and hunger levels throughout the day.

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A fitness app can link up with the latest mobile devices in order to track your sleeping patterns through the night. If you can identify where sleep is being interrupted, you might be able to address the underlying causes.

There is no doubt that the single most important factor when trying to get fit and lose weight is your own determination and will-power. However, with a leading fitness app at your disposal, your ultimate goal of weight loss will be a lot easier to achieve.

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  • I’ve lost nearly 2.5 stone in a year just by changing my diet to include more fruit and veg and by using the Wii fit, I’m a full time carer for my husband, so going to WW meetings and the gym is not an option for me