Clever Storage Ideas To Leave Your Home Clutter-free 

With homes in the UK being the smallest in Europe (believe me, I KNOW!), finding somewhere to store all of our items can be tricky. When this happens, it can often leave our homes looking cluttered, but there are ways to fight back against this, without compromising on style.

From little items you can fit yourself to furniture solutions from the likes of Hammonds, we’ve listed a few ways to help you declutter your home, retain the interior style and utilise the space in your home, below.

Clever storage ideas to leave your home clutter-free  | UK Lifestyle Blog

Hang things

So, the first thing you need to think about when trying to create a clutter-free home is – what space am I not using? Well, the answer to this is most likely going to be the walls. That’s right, we spend so much time worrying about what will go where on the floor that we forget to utilise the walls.

In the living room, adding magazine racks can help to declutter surfaces while adding a nice new decorative touch. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, adding bars that you can hang tea towels, pots and pans, oven gloves and utensils on will help to add a more authentic feel while freeing up drawer and cupboard space.

Similar things can be done in the bathroom with shelves and rails to hang towels on.

Drawer organisers

A simple solution that many tend to just overlook. From the kitchen to the bedroom, a drawer organiser will help to make everything aesthetically pleasing in your home, whether it’s on the outside or the inside.

Oh, and let’s not forget how easy it’ll be to find everything from a brush to a clip with these organisers.

Get magnetic

A magnetic strip may seem an odd choice, but it can be very helpful. If you add one to the bathroom or bedroom, you’ll be able to attach hair clips and accessories like tweezers to them. This will help to keep them from cluttering up a drawer or work surface, while also removing the risk of them getting lost.

Decant things

Rather than filling up your kitchen cupboard with boxes and bags of food essentials, decant them into mason jars. This will help with the organisation as all the jars will be of similar size while removing the annoyance of having to rummage through everything to find that flour you’ve been looking for. Oh, and don’t forget to label them to make everything extra quick and easy to find.

The furniture

From beds to stools and sofas, there’s loads of furniture out there with built-in storage. These will allow you to easily pack always clothes, bedding, towels and those odd items you’ve collected along the way.

Not only will then look super stylish, but the reduction of clutter in other storage areas will be immense.

So, if you have a smaller home, don’t worry, you won’t have to throw all your things away after all.

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