Tips For Maintaining a Bright Smile (And Things To Avoid!) 💋✨

Having nice teeth is important. It plays a big role in how attractive we look and feel. Looking after your teeth is an investment in your well-being as well as your looks.

Tips for Maintaining a Bright Smile (And Things to Avoid!) 💋✨ | UK Lifestyle Blog
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news – coffee might be the reason for dull-looking nashers!

The other day I was taking a look at the Weybridge dental care website and reading up about dental health. Below, is a summary of some of the tips I picked up to help you to make the most of your smile.

Make learning to floss a priority

It is not enough to just brush your teeth after each meal. You need to learn to floss well too. Plaque the builds up between your teeth can do as much, if not more damage, than a plaque in other areas. The only way to effectively get rid of it is to floss regularly.

Clean your teeth after eating staining foods

Every time you eat or drink something that could potentially stain your teeth rinses your mouth with water. Simply taking a few sips swilling it around your mouth and swallowing it or spitting it out will make a big difference to the colour of your teeth.

The worst offenders include tea, brightly coloured sauces, wine, purple and red berries. Basically, if it produces a stain on a tablecloth that is difficult to get out, it is likely to do the same to your teeth.

The exception to this rule is strawberries. Strangely, there is some evidence that they work to whiten rather than stain teeth. If you smoke, give it up. Nothing stains teeth faster than cigarettes.

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Have your teeth professionally whitened

Even if you are careful, over time your teeth will start to yellow or darken. When that happens, it is worth considering having your teeth whitened.

It is wise to have this done professionally. This is because some over the counter products can cause considerable damage to your teeth. Once the enamel has gone, restoring it is impossible. So do be careful about how you whiten your teeth and where you have it done.

You should also have it done sooner rather than later. The longer you leave things the worse your teeth will get and the stronger the product will be that is used to restore them.

Get your teeth cleaned regularly

Letting a dental hygienist professionally clean your teeth once or twice a year can make a huge difference. A professional will get them much cleaner than you can.

Eat a healthy diet

Following a healthy eating regime will help to keep your teeth and gums strong. This means that your teeth are less likely to wobble and start to misalign. It should also help you to keep them for longer.

The science behind the perfect smile

If you want to find out more about why your smile is so important, take a look at this newspaper article. It also explains why smiling is part of so many human interactions. The article also covers how to make the best of the smile that you have. It is a very interesting read.

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